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Discussion in 'Riding the Bullet' started by Neil W, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. Neil W

    Neil W Well-Known Member

    Stephen King is probably my favourite author (in that I like both the general area he covers and also his style) and it is always interesting to see filmed adaptations of his work. Not always enjoyable, but always interesting. The problem is that it is easy to capture the physical events of his stories, but the best part of the writing is what goes on in the heads of the character. This adaptation of a short story tries to address this by various means, as a consequence of which you are never quite sure whether what you are seeing is real (whether now or flashback) or imagination, hallucination or the like.

    Mick Garris, who seems to be King's cinematic collaborator of choice, does the same sort of job here which he has done on so much of King's material - he produces a competent but relatively thrill-less TV movie. The problem here is that this is a cinema release, and so it seems reasonable to expect the stakes to have been raised. Apart from some bad language and a couple of bare breasts, it hasn't, and this film is not the one to result in my reconsideration of Garris as a journeyman director. Other directors do King much better (also, to be fair, many are no better than Garris).

    Incidentally, this isn't one of King's better stories: it recycles elements of Christine, The Talisman, and The Road Virus Heads North, to name but three.
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  2. guido tkp

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    the man speaks 100% true...

    and while you're right, it is not one of kings best short stories...

    it was good enough that it could've been an effective little chiller in that nice, b-movie sorta fashion that just a wee bit o' talent would've brought out got mickey thinned
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  3. The Nameless

    The Nameless M-O-O-N - That spells Nameless

    I'm just watching this on TV now, it's halfway through, and very confusing with its back and forth visions. I've not read it yet, I hope it will be a bit easier to follow when I finally do.
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  4. The Nameless

    The Nameless M-O-O-N - That spells Nameless

    Also, (it's just finnished) I noticed on the credits "Nurse Annie Wilkes". Are there as many connections in the story as the film? Misery, Dark Towers (wish upon a harvest moon), Christine (red/white Fury)...
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  5. guido tkp

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    ...never made it through the whole

    that i.....consciously remember...

    but...if such things do appear...most likely (he says with a slightly more than sarcastic grin) either the...a...coughcough...screenwriter or the...ahem...coughcough...director would have tried anything they could to get an unsuspecting kingfan all foamin' at the mouth o'er their...ummmm.... monsterpiece....
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  6. Sunlight Gardener

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    I love David Arquette just because always makes me laugh, even when he's not supposed to. He's like your old drinking buddy that you always enjoy seeing when he turns up because he's the life of the party and you know by the end of the night he's going to to something ridiculous.

    The movie would have been better if they wouldn't have gone for the predictable "cheap scares" and stuck to the story.
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  7. Dana Jean

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    The David Arquette part , the movie within the movie was my favorite.

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