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Inability to re-read Good Books or What is wrong with Me?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by thekidd12, Feb 1, 2017.

  1. thekidd12

    thekidd12 Baseball is a good thing.Always was,always will be

    After reading your post I think I realize that my inability to re-read could possibly be deeply ingrained in my DNA.

    When going somewhere that I visit frequently, like an in-laws, if at all possible I do not take the same route on return trip home.

    Something my daddy always said:

    "Might see something different if we go this way".

    Even when going to work, on a farm, six miles from house, there are three different ways to return and I seldom travel same roads.

    "Might see something different if I go this way".

    Basically I believe that my enjoyment from reading a new piece from Mr King is fueled by this mantra.

    "Might see something different if I go this way".

    His works seldom disappoint.
  2. PaulPK

    PaulPK Member

    Have you tried going with Audio books? I rarely in my older age have time to sit an actually read a real book or on my Kindle, which saddens me to death cause I miss that. Sitting by my wood stove, hot cocoa or coffee at hand and just zoning out reading. These days, its audio book to work, at work sometimes and back home and sometimes a few hours more while I clean house or cook dinner. It may be something to peek at. Even on audio form I still find things I've missed on each read through so to speak.
  3. thekidd12

    thekidd12 Baseball is a good thing.Always was,always will be

    Audio books are an interesting concept that I must admit have never tried. That could possibly be the answer. A different presentation could make for more interest.

    However as I have explained in a previous post part of the experience for me is the actual tactile feel and smell of a new read.

    Thanks for your input seriously.

    Also does anyone else find it ironic that you can experience an Audio book by a wood stove?

    We live in amazing times don't we?
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  4. Dana Jean

    Dana Jean Dirty Pirate Hooker Moderator

    You might have to train your brain to "listen" to audios. I have listened to hundreds of audios, but the first few, my mind would wander to my grocery shopping, or a project I wanted to do and and and and. I would realize I had actively stopped listening and would have to rewind to the last part of the story I remembered. It takes focus.

    Also, some narrators are just more gifted than others. A narrator can totally kill a good story.
  5. Haunted

    Haunted This is my favorite place

  6. Haunted

    Haunted This is my favorite place

  7. Haunted

    Haunted This is my favorite place

    [​IMG] The first book I ever re-read was Mr. King's The Stand. When it first came out it had been abridged at the insistence of the publisher. When the full book was released a few years later I did not hesitate to re-read! I had to find out more about one of my most favorite of stories!! Later after joining this Board I 'read' other members thoughts on Mr. King's books which encouraged me to re-read 'Salem's Lot and the larger version of, yes, you guessed it, The Stand . A group of us had formed a reading group which with different viewpoints shared at designated intervals illuminated both stories again!
  8. Desert Kris

    Desert Kris Member

    I'm the kind of person who struggles with re-reading a book. And yeah, the audiobook is one solution I've found. Another is that I will sometimes pick up a book and do something of a skim read through, re-visit key scenes that are memorable...it's not quite the same thing, but it helps me to remember the shape of the story.
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  9. thekidd12

    thekidd12 Baseball is a good thing.Always was,always will be

    I think you are right in the training yourself to listen to audios. Seems to me it would come across like a sermon on Sunday.

    You that attend church, either regularly or only on the couple of "biggie holidays" to hedge your bets, know what I am getting at. As soon as the choir shuts down and you take your seat, no matter the subject matter or charisma of the speaker, somehow your eyelids weigh a ton and you get either the nudge in ribs from significant other or the embarrassing wake yourself up snort.

    Netflix does the same to my wife but she can rewind. Can't rewind a preacher. If you did plate might come around again.

    Anyway still love to read but guess it has to be new to me to enjoy.

    I can live with that I guess. As far as problems go it is a trivial thing. Got a new outlook on things courtesy of local cardiologist last week at 3 in morning. A couple of stents at age 53 will change one's perspective on things. Not looking for any sympathy, doing well and eating some lovely looking green stuff, but realize I can wait and appreciate said wait for new things.

    Which reminds me, I have another thread about Blockade Billy I started a year or so ago. Called it a bucket list question. Never using that phrase again. Like jinxing a free throw shooter talking about how good he is.

    Rambling now got to stop and go eat some rabbit food. MMMM.
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  10. Dana Jean

    Dana Jean Dirty Pirate Hooker Moderator

    Good luck with your cardiac rehab. It takes work, but you can get on top of it!
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  11. thekidd12

    thekidd12 Baseball is a good thing.Always was,always will be

    Start Tuesday. Lot of treadmills and stationary bikes in my near future.

    Strange how road to recovery looks like it will be spent on machines that go nowhere?

    See my mind still weird.
  12. Neesy

    Neesy #1 fan (Annie Wilkes cousin) 1st cousin Mom's side

    thekidd12 - glad to hear you are doing well - take care of yourself :cheerful::O_O::thumbs_up::thumbs_up:
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  13. thekidd12

    thekidd12 Baseball is a good thing.Always was,always will be

    Thank you. I will do my best.

    Couple of things BP always been really good and cholesterol numbers were great. Non-smoker/non diabetic/non drinker.

    So if you think about it not a whole lot to change.

    Should have been partying all along if all roads lead to same intersection?

    Maybe if I learn to re-read all my King classic tales, just might be the answer?

    Or post on message boards in order to have conversations with others who have like interests? Wait working on that one already.
  14. Neesy

    Neesy #1 fan (Annie Wilkes cousin) 1st cousin Mom's side

    It is not always "lifestyle" - does heart disease run in your family by any chance?

    Sending you good wishes for quick healing!
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  15. thekidd12

    thekidd12 Baseball is a good thing.Always was,always will be

    Well if you want to get technical about it yeah maybe heart disease runs in family. My father passed away in 2014 from what we think was a heart attack but he was 74. My uncle(his brother) was 77, I think, and had some heart trouble.

    See the theme? 70s!!!

    I will celebrate number 54 in August, he says enthusiastically, so was not ready for this yet.

    Farm for my money so used to a non sedentary lifestyle. In my spare time throw batting practice to HS baseball players who lineup to swing off an older guy who hums it pretty well (OK from 50 ft instead of 60ft 6 inches).

    Thank you for the good wishes.

    Funny thing to me is, being from the south, every time we see a friend or even just an acquaintance we say something like "How you doing?" or "Good to see you" and now I don't take either for granted.
  16. joaniyofaus

    joaniyofaus Member

    Hello from Australia. I had a thought that you may find helpful.... Our favourite author is very generous in his review of other authors, and often gives their names and the books he has enjoyed. Why not try some of his suggestions while waiting for the next publication?
    You could amuse yourself going through your previously read SK books, and make up a reading list for yourself.
  17. thekidd12

    thekidd12 Baseball is a good thing.Always was,always will be

    Hello Australia from the mid atlantic US.

    Yeah don't read many, alright any, other authors. Have tried. Get bored.

    For some reason Mr King has ruined me for other writers. Not gaga over the man himself. Never have been when it comes to "stars". Even spent quite a bit of time with Mike Jordan, before he was known as Michael, in college and was always just a friend. (My children cannot believe I didn't get autograph). Mr King seems perfectly nice from his public persona. Is a Red Sox fan which I have been since the first time I saw Fred Lynn play. That makes him likable instantly.

    I guess Mr King's writing style has always appealed to me because we are roughly from the same generation. I have often told people the main reason I like his books is the voices he uses mirror some of those in my head. He writes like I think. Man people look at you funny when you drop that nugget sometimes.

    Guess I can wait until something new comes along. Well at least I can post on a message board and converse with others, some halfway around the world.

    That is amazing to me.

    I remember when I saw a bag phone for the first time.
  18. danie

    danie I am whatever you say I am.

  19. thekidd12

    thekidd12 Baseball is a good thing.Always was,always will be

    You can put Jamie Lee Curtis in any post you want and it will get my attention even now.

    Bag Phone.



    Don't care didn't even see what she was holding. Still fondly remember how she looked in Halloween and she has aged very gracefully.

    Even looks good while hawking Activia to keep me regular!!

    GNTLGNT The idiot is IN

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