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  1. mrblonde

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    People that know me & know my obsession with King ask me who my second favorite author is.
    I never really had one until I discovered Jonathan Maberry.
    I read his "Patient Zero" first & was hooked. His Joe Ledger series is great, especially the audio books read by Ray Porter. (six books so far)
    His Rot & Ruin series is YA, but is very fun to read.
    His other series is the "Pine Deep" series. I am half done with the first book, and I like it thus far.
    Just thought I'd pass this along if you are looking for some non-King reads.
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    I read Ghost Road Blues and Dead Man's Song, I think those are part of the Pine Deep series. I dunno...I didn't get into them, and gave up after that. That was a few years ago. I would try him again though, eventually.
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    I have Patient Zero in my TBR pile.
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