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Discussion in 'Maximum Overdrive' started by mtthw, Jun 29, 2014.

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    This movie is deserving of an unrated bluray release. We love it! The edits detract from the film. Bravo Mr. King. Please put your hat in the ring again. If you look at other movies from this golden era of horror, Maximum Overdrive defines the era along with Evil Dead, Videodrome, Re-Animator and others. Please give us the gore that made Romero puke.
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    Welcome to the site. :)

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    Ga! We were all 28 years younger when this movie came out! I liked it - "Do Stephen King right" - oh yeah, baby!
    Welcome mtthw!
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    Yes indeed! This needs a BluRay release badly.
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  8. Great movie, And AWESOME soundtrack \,,/
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    It's one of those movies that I've gotta watch if I stumble across it on late-night cable.. I'm a Emilio Estevez fan (mostly because of "Repo Man"), and the soundtrack is perfect for such a campy movie.

    I remember listening to the soundtrack for hours, during our road-trips back in college while staring out the window of the bus/van at the trucks..
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