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Discussion in 'Thinner' started by Neil W, Feb 10, 2014.

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    Obese Billy Halleck, on the receiving end of a bit of how's-your-father while driving, runs down a gypsy woman, and finds himself on the receiving end of a curse whereby the weight falls off him for no reason: he has to try to find a way to get the curse taken away before the weight loss kills him.

    The first of Stephen King's books to be published under the pseudonym Richard Bachman, Thinner is a pacey suspense story with mild horror/supernatural elements and no frills. The film adaptation is faithful to the book and workmanlike enough, but it is fair to say that, like the book, it does little beyond telling an enjoyable but unexceptional story with efficiency.

    The fat costumes and prosthetics are well done but, inevitably, they aren't wholly convincing.
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    totally agree...
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    Just watched this after finishing the book. Your review is spot on!!

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