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  1. Chazel1972

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    I like the idea of directing him toward the short stories. Although he isn't chomping at the bit to pick up any of them; this may be a case of me hyping it too much (but forgive him he's just a silly boy!)
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  2. Chazel1972

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    He said "I don't like horror books"
    Never fear I explained, over and over I clarified the genre.... but he just. didn't.

    :nope: I am so ashamed.
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  3. tee

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    Hello Everyone, I am a fairly new member. I agree w/all the above posted.The 1st book I read @ 14 or 15 was Cujo. Had a hard time getting into the start but, glad I did,loved it. Of course if a child has a fear of dogs, not a good pick. Last Rung on the ladder (Night Shift) reminded me of my brother & I . I agree w/ The girl who loved Tom Gordon. Misery, Christine, The Green Mile, just to name a few may be other good choices to start with. If I may chime in on the subject. Things have changed a lot in one generation, more advanced learning, shall we call it. I worked in food service and drove school bus. Let me tell you, that's a full day. As everyone has stated, you know your little Ben best :) It's been a few months, hope he has read one by now, please update us.
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    I was 13 when I read my first SK book. Salem's Lot. I finished about 2am and turned off the light for sleep. Aftereffects of the novel and various churning thoughts found me with the lights and TV on about 15 minutes later because I was scared. I loved it!!!
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  5. Chazel1972

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    He is being stingy with me. I over-hyped it. Teen-agers are so contrary.
  6. skimom2

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    Leave 'em about & he'll pick up what he's ready for when he's ready for it :) While you're at it, leave a copy of Heart-Shaped Box (Joe Hill) lying about--my two oldest ate that one up when they were about your son's age or slightly older. They still love it.
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  7. Chelle71

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    I started reading SK books when I was 13...imagine the chats you and he will have, so exciting for you, I am sure he will love them :)
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