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The Crate

Discussion in 'Creepshow' started by Mocos, Apr 16, 2016.

  1. stacy270

    stacy270 Keep On Floatin' On

    This is cool! Never seen it before.
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  2. Rrty

    Rrty Well-Known Member

    That's pretty funny, but also pretty creepy, as well. Libraries are great, but I just don't know about the books. Does one of them, that hasn't been checked out in years, contain a bacteria/virus within its pages -- perhaps it is feeding on the pulp -- that is ready to start the zombie apocalypse once a hapless student finally borrows it for an assignment? Might make a cool bit of flash fiction. (Unless someone already did it.) I may try it.

    But seriously, it is difficult for me to check out books. Yet, I just found out that I can get the book with "The Crate" through my library. Question is, do I do it?
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  3. Dana Jean

    Dana Jean Dirty Pirate Hooker Moderator

    at your own risk. :suspect:;;D

    GNTLGNT The idiot is IN

    ...ummmm, rubber gloves and a mask if yer that phobic?....
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  5. kingricefan

    kingricefan All-being, keeper of Space, Time & Dimension.

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    GNTLGNT The idiot is IN

    kingricefan likes this.
  7. kingricefan

    kingricefan All-being, keeper of Space, Time & Dimension.

    That's What She Said.
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  8. Rrty

    Rrty Well-Known Member

    Rubber/vinyl gloves is not a bad idea...I do want to read this story. I hope it doesn't hurt books, but like I said before, I do sometimes use an alcohol cloth to wipe down the front and back covers, so I suppose I could do that too (I've occasionally even done that if I buy a book new but it was the last one at the store...I figure a lot of hands may have handled it because it was the last one).
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    GNTLGNT The idiot is IN

    ....I......Know........was just goofing...
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