Everything's Eventual: 5 Dark Tales
  Everything's Eventual: 5 Dark Tales
Formats: Cassette / CD
Released (US): 2002
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Read By: Ensenble Cast
In Print:Yes


Everything's Eventualfeatures Dinky Earnshaw--a 19 year-old pizza delivery boy--who gets hired by a mysterious stranger for a unique and totally "eventual" (awesome) job.

Autopsy Room Four The last thing Howard Cottrell remembers is entering the woods to find his golf ball. He wakes up as he is being rolled into an autopsy room, but is completely paralyzed and unable to let the attendants know he is still alive.

InLittle Sisters of EluriaRoland is a gunslinger in a deserted town when he gets ambushed.

InLuckey QuarterDarlene is a single mom struggling to raise two kids on her income as a chambermaid in Reno. When Room 322 leaves her a quarter for a tip, Darlene lets that quarter take her for a ride.

The Road Virus Heads Northtracks an author who buys a creepy painting at a yard sale which was painted by a metal-head neighbor just before he committed suicide.


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