December 1, 2009 Appearance in Portsmouth, NH

Posted: July 16th, 2009 8:32:52 am

As part of his book tour for Under the Dome, Stephen will be appearing in Portsmouth, NH, on December 1, 2009, in the author series Writers on a New England Stage presented by The Music Hall and New Hampshire Public Radio. The one-hour program features an author presentation, interview, and live music.  The evening program will be rebroadcast in days following on the NH Public Radio’s “Word of Mouth” and available on The Music Hall’s website. 

Autographed copies of Stephen King's Under the Dome are $35. Books will be distributed on the evening to audience members who have secured a book voucher. A limited number of book vouchers will be sold, first come, first served; max one book voucher per ticket order, two book vouchers for orders of four or more tickets. Purchase a book voucher in advance at the Music Hall Box Office, 28 Chestnut Street, Portsmouth, or over the phone at 603-436-2400.

Visit the web site for The Music Hall for more information.  Tickets will be available for purchase on July 25th for members of The Music Hall and New Hampshire Public Radio and August 8th for non-members.