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Dreamcatcher Art


March 06th, 2003

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Lawrence Kasdan


William Goldman


Castle Rock Entertainment


Warner Bros. Pictures

What was normally an annual routine hunting trip for four long-time friends, takes an unusual turn of events. Henry (Thomas Janes), Beaver (Jason Lee), Jonesy (Damien Lewis), and Pete (Timothy Olyphant), take in a disoriented stranger who they found wandering in the woods. They learn that the reason for his condition is that he has been taken over by an alien life-form. What they don't realize is that the remote area where they are located has been quarantined by the military, headed up by Col. Abraham Curtis (Morgan Freeman) who is determined not to let anyone (human or alien) escape from the quarantine zone. Twenty-five years prior, the four had rescued an autistic child named Douglas but whom they have always called Duddits (Donnie Wahlberg). Although it is not something they have acknowledged, they know that they have a telepathic bond with each other and Duddits, and that somehow this is the key to their defeating the alien invasion.

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