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  1. Blake the Bard

    11/22/63 Tattoo

    Hey Everyone! My wife and I are going to see Mr. King next week in Naperville, IL. I was thinking of getting a tattoo to commemorate the occasion. My favorite book by him is 11/22/63. What could I get as a tattoo to represent that book?
  2. T

    Selling 4 Of My Recent SK Hardcover Books

    I'm trying to sell my Stephen King books. They're in great condition and have been really well taken care of. They're hardcover books with original dust jackets that have no rips, stains or folds. All the pages are intact with no folds or tears. I can provide photos with more detail if requested.
  3. tessiegirl

    The Updated Illustrated Stephen King Universe Flowchart

    Some of you may remember my Stephen King Universe Flowchart- well, the Updated, Illustrated version is finally here!!! It's current up to End of Watch. It is available at my Etsy Store: Here is a little snippet:
  4. kay brown

    Oswald didn't shoot JFK

    Okay I'm starting the book and it's infinitely more elaborate than the series which hyped the concept that Oswald shot JFK. I am assuming Mr King believes that as well or other wise why would he so expertly try to convince us? What i am also wondering about is why so far as I can tell by the...
  5. Camila Contreras Araya

    Adaptation and Change

    This novel is my favorite, but I need to know if Derry have some mention in adaptation. If somebody know something please talk with me. Sorry for my bad English, I'm Chilean girl :) Greetings to you readers:D Pd: I need to this adaptation have a mention about Pennywise. BIP BIP RICHIE:0:
  6. M

    A message to Stephen King....

    Not entirely sure if Mr. King will read this or not. If so, great. If not, maybe someone will and enjoy it. Basically, I would like to thank Mr. King. When I was a kid, before school had even started, I had taught myself to read. My mother still tells me she remembers when I came into her room...
  7. O

    September 9, 1958

    Has Stephen ever mentioned why he chose this date for his time traveling characters in 11/22/63? Or the precise time of 11:58 am? Asking for a friend who was born that day/time.
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