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  1. Baby Blue

    Ask Baby Blue Anything

    Back in another life, I played the role of forum advice columnist. I'd love to step back into the role here. Don't be shy. Serious or silly, chaste or crass; you can ask me ANYTHING! Well, ok, advice specifically related to use of this message board is best directed elsewhere. Anything else...
  2. T

    Question from Aspiring horror writer.

    Hello, I have a collection of random thoughts that I would like to make into a novel or script. I am afraid if I release these thoughts people will think I am a crazy person. Any advice from people that have dealt with this in their life? Thanks, J
  3. DianaRose

    Looking for tips--please and thank you!

    Hey there, I am new to the message board (which is why I'm posting in the newbie forum! Hello :wink2:) and I am kind of new to the works of Stephen King. And I'd love some advice, especially if you'd love to give me some. The reason I say that I'm kind of new to the works of Stephen King is...
  4. LindaGray77

    Would like to contact the amazing Stephen King

    Hello guys! I'm new here so please be kind (: In my senior year of high school, I had to write a Canterbury Tales. My family thinks I should get it copyrighted and published and I don't know the steps to take so I have been pondering sending it to Mr.King for editing or even simple advice. I...