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  1. Questthroughking

    Mr. Mercedes Video Review & Stop Motion

    Hello Constant Readers! I just posted my video review for Mr. Mercedes! Make sure you stay tuned for the stop-motion segment! This is video is part of a series called the Quest Through King! The series will track my progress as I attempt to read everything Stephen...
  2. Questthroughking

    My Video Shining Review

    Hello all, I am somewhat new to these forums, but I wanted to share my Shining Review with you here! It's part of a new series I am working on called "The Quest Through King" in which I am reading through all of King's works! If you are at all interested in the series or considering reading...
  3. Questthroughking

    The Quest Through King (New Video Series)

    Hey everyone, I am on a mission to read and review everything Stephen King has ever written! Please join me on my Quest here: Reviews will be posted on the 1st and 15th of every month! Week 1: The Shining! If you have already read the books in discussion, please feel free to come back...
  4. Questthroughking

    The Quest Through King (reading everything!)

    Hello! I am on a mission to read everything Stephen King has ever written and am starting completely fresh. I read my first book at the beginning of 2017 and I am now four novels and four short stories in! I decided that it would be fun to document my reviews and reactions on video, so I...