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  1. CoriSCapnSkip

    Book and Audiobook Exchange, Trade, and Swap Sites

    So far I have obtained audiobooks from the following sources: --CDs as gifts from Family and friends, or bought myself if I really wanted or found on sale --CDs checked out from the library --Files borrowed from Overdrive and OneClick Digital through the library --Files purchased from Amazon...
  2. PennyHanscom

    Book for me and a friend?

    Hi all, I've just finished IT and I'm about to go onto my next book. I've been suggested Cujo, but I was wondering if anyone else had any suggestions. So far I've read: Salem's Lot Firestarter The Stand IT Also, (likely the more important one) is my friend. He is a slower reader than me, but...
  3. Brenton J Cox

    Not just an audiobook, but a full movie in your mind.

    I am very happy to announce the upcoming release of my first audiobook. Graphicaudio is not just someone reading you a book, it is an experience as told by a full cast of voice actors, cinematic sound effects and original music. please head over and take a look. Preorders are being taken now and...
  4. C

    Help - looking for author reference

    In Bazaar of Bad Dreams, Stephen makes reference to author of what he perceives to be the best book about writing ever. Excerpt describes characters gathering around a fire from across a dark plain. Can anyone tell me the name of the author and/or the book?
  5. Tery

    Finally Published My First Book

    After working on it for almost 3 years, I have finally published my first book. Some background: I used to write a weekly (then monthly, then sporadic as my life changed) "diary" over on the Daily Kos website. Yes, that's a liberal political site but the articles (known as "diaries") cover...
  6. S. A. Hunt

    If you follow the Beam, I've put together a giant Spotify playlist of gunslinger music.

    Last month I decided to put together a "soundtrack playlist" on Spotify for my fantasy-gunslinger book series, and since then it's ballooned to 188 songs. There's dreamy and uplifting indie-country, acoustic instrumental covers, songs from spaghetti-western movies and games, dark and dirty...