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  1. Chaotichris

    Rose The Hat - Doctor Sleep

    Have you seen the Steam punk Tarot cards? The High Priestess is how I pictured Rose The Hat!!!
  2. PennyHanscom

    Fav character?

    I'm (I may be regretting making this thread because of this) a little over 600 pages into It and I am totally hooked. I think my favourite part is all of the awesome characters that are in the Loser's Club and how they react to their biggest fears, also known as It, or Bob Gray, or Pennywise the...
  3. N

    Creepshow character intellectual property question...

    I was directed to these forums in case there's an expert who can answer my question or forward my request onward... I'm a horror fiction writer. I was recently invited to participate in a themed anthology for a small press. I write original characters all the time, but my idea for this...
  4. R

    the moment an author falls in love with his work?

    There are some minor plot spoilers here, which I've marked. And some general information on the books I haven't marked, so if you don't want any knowledge of this and the remaining Dark Towers book avoid this post. After having finished the Dark Tower series recently (I'm still processing the...