the moment an author falls in love with his work?

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Randolph Carter

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Sep 13, 2015
There are some minor plot spoilers here, which I've marked. And some general information on the books I haven't marked, so if you don't want any knowledge of this and the remaining Dark Towers book avoid this post.

After having finished the Dark Tower series recently (I'm still processing the ending and am looking forward to joining the conversation on that) I liked the way the characters kept through Calla-isms (if that makes sense) into their speaking. This kind of made sense to me, as the Calla meant a lot to them and it would have an impact. It's kind of the way spending some time in a new town or country that you love leads to adopting some of its customs or mannerisms--it's been that way for me with trips to Turkey.

But I also felt like it was that way for King in addition to his characters. Maybe he really loved what he'd created, and it had the same effect on him that a trip to a wonderful new place has on us in real life.
This might explain why he wrote himself into his books, meeting his characters, shortly after they left the Calla.
I've tried fiction writing over the years--all unsuccessful--but occasionally I really do enjoy the characters I create, and can see that happening with someone as great as King.

Does this line up with anyone else's reading?