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  1. D

    Writing to Stephen King

    Hello, newbie here, LONG time reader and background actor on Castle Rock. I understand he rarely reads reader mail any more and doesn't have a direct email, but I've seen others inquiring and the mods privately providing them with contact info. I would appreciate that same if still possible...
  2. Devilhidinginplainsight

    Parents 20th Anniversary Trip

    Hi! My name is Amy Bauer and I'm writing on behalf of my mother, Holly Bauer. She's a huge fan and would love to be able to meet you (Stephen King) one day, although she swears it won't ever happen. When i asked her why you were her favorite author she said, "he has a wonderful imagination. His...
  3. A

    A present for a friend

    My friend is a HUGE fan of Stephen King, I am wondering if there's any possibility to send him a letter or get an autograph of any kind. It would mean so much to my friend.
  4. paranoid times

    hi all from Paranoid Times!

    love king and his work, some say I write like him, I don't see how that is even possible. but I wanted to drop in and say hi. My name is Denny Randall, I live in the small town of Galax Virginia. " The literary world has changed so much, for me, it has become a maze, one that I have felt...
  5. G

    New to the board long time reader

    Hi, y'all! l've been reading Stephen King for forty years and finally got up enough nerve to write a fan letter. Where do I send it? Thanks!