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  1. M

    New to the group, but not new to the author

    Hello everyone. I haven't done the "message board" thing in quite some time, but I felt compelled to. I'm a long time Stephen King fan. "The Shining" was the first book I read when I was around 13, and I've been hooked ever since. I'm originally from Long Island New York, but have lived in...
  2. hossenpepper

    Show off your Halloween 2016

    OK so here are some pics from the Scare House this year. The theme this year was an extension of last year with a lab taking dead parts from the graveyard to experiment on hapless victims. This caused an outbreak of zombies and cannibals. So we had a horde of 6 zombies this year, plus some...
  3. Frank-ly_realistic

    "Carrie II" looked more like the real-life girl Carrie

    Let me explain,,,, I was in real High School Math Class (with Stephen) when (the real-life) Carrie's period started... we didn't see any blood dripping (sorry folks) but this horrible smell slowly crept over the whole class..... We all looked around: finally realizing it was coming from D...