Show off your Halloween 2016

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Feb 5, 2010
Wonderland Avenue
OK so here are some pics from the Scare House this year.

The theme this year was an extension of last year with a lab taking dead parts from the graveyard to experiment on hapless victims. This caused an outbreak of zombies and cannibals. So we had a horde of 6 zombies this year, plus some random folks who showed up later and joined in as some various evil characters. We always do a graveyard, but this year added a cannibal deli counter, torture rack, zombie baby play area and a staged car wreck scene. We counted approx 700 folks this year. A bit less than we thought, but still a BUSY night.

I got some pics that show the setup phase during the day mostly. It's very hard to get good night pics that show what it looks like when it gets dark. Obviously it's much scarier then, plus this year I built a big ground fogger (which worked great), so I had lots of fog in the graveyard. There were also strobes and loud music to disorient and distract.

I'll post pics now...


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Jun 20, 2013

This is Karen, Sam, Kaden, and Kat.
Kat got sick from being out in the cold. She got a cold, with a fever, and has coughed her little brains out. She hasn't been to school the last 2 days, but the doctor said she can go back tomorrow.