Show off your Halloween 2016

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Dana Jean

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Apr 11, 2006
The High Seas
Once it's going, there are lots of distracting lights, loud music (I used the AHS theme a few times, plus the DOOM 2016 game soundtrack, selections from the Lost highway soundtrack and a few by Chelsea Wolfe and Aphex Twin, plus some from the Friday the 13th Soundtrack in the graveyard... the lab had various sound effect loops and the Wayward Pines Theme interwoven within it), and lots of fog. When you enter the lab area, there is invisible fishing line hanging everywhere, touching your face from every direction. We also had two electrical rigs that would light up and sizzle when you got near them. Add the thick smoke inside and it is very disorienting. Most of the smaller kids won't go near it.
I bet this is great fun! I adore the baby zombie play area!! LMFAO!


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Sep 25, 2011
Another view of the meat counter with the zombie baby play area. They grow up and start eating brains so fast thee days!
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More of the graveyard area
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This years lab victim during lab setup... This girl could bust your eardrums with her scream. Add her spitting blood everywhere and it was terrifying.
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The whole crew at the end of the night
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Damn Hoss. That's above and beyond sir. I don't know whether to admire it or go looking for the crime scene van. That's amazing.


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Jun 15, 2007
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...I hope she gets along ok, figure they're looking more for something bacterial than are more resilient than we credit them for, and she's a tough little cookie...
...and I just double checked to confirm what I was thinking....unless Doc has a specific virus in can't do a broad based series of labs to screen for various viruses...has to be one at a time....a white blood count will give them a starting point and the little one will be on a quick road to being a kid again...all the best honey...keep us posted...


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Feb 5, 2010
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It was a cute pumpkin you pic doowopgirl ...

A car wreck, a bloody car wreck, in every best possible way, Hoss!
The wreck was the thing everyone kept talking about. As you can see, the fake blood we made and spread on the road was quite realistic looking.

It's actually made of dish soap, poster paint and peanut butter. Looks super gruesome, but cleans up in a snap and leaves a fresh scent! :)