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  1. RichySmalls

    The Dark Tower Alternative Movie Poster

    To anyone and everyone in the community! I have recently finished illustrating an alternative movie poster of The Dark Tower movie (please see attached) and would love to find a way to hear feedback from you all, and, the legend himself, Stephen King. The illustration itself is entirely hand...
  2. Slam_Jack

    Pet sematary concept-arts

    Hi guys, i would like to share with you some of my concept-arts for Pet sematary novel. I did them a couple of years ago, paper, watercolors & copics. And some drafts: [/SPOILER][/SPOILER][/SPOILER] Thanks for watching! If you like it, you can share this project from Behance or my...
  3. R

    Christine Comic

    Hey Fellas, I am currently studying illustration at an german graphic design university. In the last semester i did a short comic fanart about Stephen King´s Christine and i wanted to share it with you. The original page sizes of the drawings are 42cm x 59cm colored with ink, aquarelle and...