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  1. D

    Writing to Stephen King

    Hello, newbie here, LONG time reader and background actor on Castle Rock. I understand he rarely reads reader mail any more and doesn't have a direct email, but I've seen others inquiring and the mods privately providing them with contact info. I would appreciate that same if still possible...
  2. A

    A present for a friend

    My friend is a HUGE fan of Stephen King, I am wondering if there's any possibility to send him a letter or get an autograph of any kind. It would mean so much to my friend.
  3. SarahGriffin

    Writing a Letter to Mr. King.

    Hello! I am new to this site (and very excited). I actually just last night met Mr. King by complete chance on my schools campus In Boston. I fan girled way too hard, and I'd love to send him a letter to apologize, but also explain to him what that meeting really meant to me. I was wondering if...
  4. Stefano

    Send a Letter to Stephen

    I'm Stefano, an Italian fan, and i've just registered, so i hope i'm in the correct section! If not, i apologize. It's a lot of time i'm thinking about sending a letter to Mr King but i can't find an address. Anyone can help? Thanks so much!
  5. RevYen8

    Young woman new to forum seeks reduction of confusion

    Hello everyone :) My dream is to meet Stephen King. Realizing that I lack social connections, I could settle for sending him a letter (and receiving a response finger crossed). To reach that goal.... Could any of you tell me where to send a letter? I apologize if this isn't the right place...