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  1. N

    First One

    This is my first thread and I wish I had known about this online community of like minded people. I love SK but I also enjoy many authors that SK himself has enjoyed like H.P. Lovecraft, Bram Stoker, Robert Bloch, and a bunch of other mythos/cult/supernatural fiction authors. Anyways, I would...
  2. Basil Fish

    Thank You Stephen King: Marriage and Family

    I don't know if Mr. Stephen King will read this or not, but I write with hopeful enthusiasm nonetheless. Mr. Stephen King, There have been a number of positive and encouraging influences in my life that I wish I had thanked. Many of them, some personally known and others only known through...
  3. Cheffie1983

    If you had to pick ONE Stephen King Book...

    If you had to pick 1 book by Stephen King to closely related to the way society functions and interacts today, what would it be and why? I would choose The Green Mile. Here's why: It's a story that could (to some extent) happen in real life. A man charged and executed for a crime he did not...
  4. Msara

    This story changed my life path

    Hi, This is Mara, a girl from Córdoba , Argentina. I just wanted to write you (Mr. S. King) to let you know that the book Misery changed my lifewhen I was finishing highschool. I was 17 years old , and my english teacher said to me I had a talent for English language, so I started studying that...
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