mr. mercedes

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  1. T

    Selling 4 Of My Recent SK Hardcover Books

    I'm trying to sell my Stephen King books. They're in great condition and have been really well taken care of. They're hardcover books with original dust jackets that have no rips, stains or folds. All the pages are intact with no folds or tears. I can provide photos with more detail if requested.
  2. N

    No password under debbie's umbrella?

    Warning: I only recently started reading Mr Mercedes. Please don't ruin the fun. If I understand correctly, when you sign up to the chat website, you only get a username? The letter did not include a password, only a username. Doesn't that mean if I know someone's username (which I do since I...
  3. Kacey Cunningham

    Holly Gibney is Back!!!!!

    In a recent interview at the book fair, Stephen disclosed he is writing a new book with Holly in it!!! So what are your ideas fellow King lovers?? Another mystery novel?? Supernatural perhaps?? Whatever it is, it will be fantastic! I am super excited to hear this news!
  4. TiffanyS

    End of Watch Book Tour!

    I'm sorry if there is already a more recent thread, but I couldn't find one. If there is point me in the direction, because I need more people excited about this to talk to! Who's going? Where? I still am in shock me and my friend got tickets. I'm constantly asking her if she is sure we really...
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