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  1. BishopLeon_

    Tales from the Couch launch / "The Keepers" series.

    Hi everyone! I'm brand new to the forum boards and I'm here because I've just finished my website Home | Tales from the Couch . Tales from the Couch contains a few shorts from my Halloween inspired "The Keepers" series. I'm pretty excited about it and I wanted to share with you fellow King...
  2. redneckguy9593

    Hey, y'all! New here. Thanks for makin' me feel welcome!

    I'm a big fan of Mr King and all horror! To know more about me, see my details and About Me. If you wish to Follow me, you may and once I make friends, y'all can then add me on Facebook, if you have one. As in the title, thanks much for makin' me feel welcome! <3