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  1. Brash.Kid


    I'm a newbie to this forum too! As a fan of great authors like King and Tolkien- the list goes on of course- I thought it would be ideal to join this message board. After all, as a writer myself, I aspire to become more known like the authors I adore. Horror is my favorite genre, and I am...
  2. Marty Coslaw

    A Very Familiar Feeling is Beginning to Come Over Me

    Hi everybody, I'm excited to be here! I only recently began reading fiction in earnest, but I've always loved King's stories as I've seen them on TV or on the big screen. When I was young I mostly stuck to Goosebumps, but I did read the novelette that spawned my favorite King movie (Silver...
  3. RobertB93

    Hello everyone!

    Hey, I'm Rob. I've only read two books by Stephen King (It and 11/22/63) and I enjoyed the hell out of them. Both made it into my top 5 I would say. I look forward to reading more of his work soon, but I have a few other books in line first. Anyway, the real reason I decided to start a profile...
  4. Pennywisegirl1

    new here

    Hi I'm new here and want to make friends.
  5. Anaïs Scott

    Hi! I'm new! :)

    Hi friends, my name is Anais (sorry, I can't get the umlaut to work on my computer), and I just turned 17. After years of start-and-stop writing, I'm in sight of finishing my first ever novel! I've only ever completed two works, mostly because I bite off more than I can chew. The novel currently...
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