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  1. Brash.Kid


    What traits gravitate you towards a character? Perhaps there is a character who reflects your own personality or beliefs. Sometimes we are fascinated with those character types that vary from ourselves. Overall, I think we as readers can learn much from a character. Likewise, for those who are...
  2. Discord


    Hi, nice to meet who ever replies this (if anybody does). I came to this web mainly because I want to write, but l am too scared to do it. The thing is that I am already 36 years old, and I havee never write, only draw. But since I have always draw my own characters and invented in my head...
  3. A

    Confusion on Ralph White

    There's a kind of inconsistency in the novel as to the status of Ralph White. Early in the book it indeed says that he had died in a construction mishap while Margaret wasn't too far along in her pregnancy. Later in the text when Margaret was mulling over Carrie's powers and recalling an...
  4. redneckguy9593

    Probably one of my fave Stephen King movies... New here. *Possible Spoilers.*

    Not too sure how these work yet, but trying to get familiar with everything and, as usual, jumping into it head first. :) So.... Hey, y'all! What's all y'all's fave King/horror movie(s)?
  5. S

    A question to Stephen King

    Mr. King, I'm a huge fan and have been so for a couple years now. Ironically, at least to me, The Green Mile was the first book that I read of yours and it was the first book to get me hooked on reading. I say it's ironic because it wasn't until I read that book that I realized that I wanted to...
  6. Ronald A Spark

    Intro Thread and questions.

    Well I am 36, and am an avid reader Stephen King is among my favorite authors. I signed up here in order to ask questions about the novel Salem's Lot, and the short story Jerusalem's Lot. In Salem's lot some people call the town Salem's Lot and others call it Jerusalem's Lot. I have read the...