Confusion on Ralph White

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Jun 24, 2017
There's a kind of inconsistency in the novel as to the status of Ralph White. Early in the book it indeed says that he had died in a construction mishap while Margaret wasn't too far along in her pregnancy. Later in the text when Margaret was mulling over Carrie's powers and recalling an incident following her grandmother's funeral (who also had TK powers) she came home to find Carrie in the crib (just barely a year old here) cradling her bottle in the air with her powers and Margaret attempting to take Carrie's life then BUT it says that Ralph interfered and put a stop to Margaret's attempt. I thought it was established that Ralph was already deceased long before Margaret gave birth to Carrie? Can anyone explain how this adds up that he could have interfered with one of Margaret's early attempts to kill Carrie if he had already passed on many months before that scenario?!