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  1. darkar

    If It Bleeds

    hi all & Mr. King, My query is this, and please correct me if I am wrong (I could reread Mr. Mercedes for my answer I suppose). In the Mr. Mercedes trilogy didn't Jerome and Barbara's mom commit suicide? Also, in the TV show of Mr. Mercedes when Holly mentions suicide she apologizes profusely...
  2. C

    Obtaining Copyright to Pen Script.

    Hi, I am a huge fan of The Dark Tower books and really want to pen the script for a tv pilot for a show that is faithful to its source material, unlike the recent major motion picture. By any chance does anyone know how to go about obtaining the copyrights to legally pen the script? Thanks!
  3. ArielRacing

    New short Story in Harper's - The Fifth Step

    March's number of Harper's magazine includes a new short story by Stephen King. The story is titled “The Fifth Step” and is four pages long. Here's the cover of the magazine: Thanks to Jonathan Reitan for the news! :)
  4. ArielRacing

    The New Lieutenant's Rap

    Hello! Among collectors there's a story about this now-highly-seeked piece, that when the party in NY for the 25th anniversary of Carrie took place, several drunk attendants didn't pay too much attention nor care to the copies of The New Lieutenant's Rap that were distributed, which led to...
  5. DevinOKC

    I'm gonna stand next to you!!

    My name is Devin and if you don’t mind, I’m gonna stand next to you so I look like I know someone here! I’m really bad when it comes to introducing myself because my words get all twisted around like a tornado. Actually, that’s a good place for me to start because I live in part of...
  6. C

    Acquiring performance rights for William Goldman's adaptation

    Hello!!! I've been trawling the internet looking high and low for information on whether the performance rights are available for Goldman's stage adaptation of MISERY. I found a similar thread from a few years ago that predated the Broadway production of it, so I'm not sure whether the rights...
  7. E

    An Old Question and a Funky Story

    I'd like to preface this by saying I was born and raised in Maine. I've seen everything in Maine from the Navy yards in Bath, to the endless trees and distinct lack of humans in Palermo, to the bustling tourist attractions of Camden and Portland. I know a lot about Maine, including that Mr. King...
  8. H

    I know this is a long shot... Any help appreciated

    So, I know this is a long shot, but I also know that I need to try. I have looked all over online and it seems that there is no way to contact Stephen King (totally understandable, pretty sure I would hide too if I were him) But, I figured I would post my letter to him here, on the off chance...
  9. B

    The Fossil Analogy

    We're studying this book in my creative writing class, and just got to the part around the bottom of page 163 where Stephen equates composition to excavating a fossil. I've racked my brain trying to find a way to describe how I write to my teachers, but this feels like the most accurate way to...
  10. Bill Robinson

    Truck Stop aka "MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE" Series

    Welcome to “Truck Stop”. a parody film created by several talented filmmakers based on the original Stephen King film Maximum Overdrive. Maximum Overdrive was a cult classic horror film written and directed by Stephen King in 1986. We hope you enjoy our version of that chaotic world.
  11. Salt City Horror Fest

    Screening a rare CREEPSHOW 2 35mm print 4/28

    If you live in the North East or would like to travel, I'm screening a nice 35mm print from the Academy Film Archives of CREEPSHOW 2 with Animation Director Rick Catizone intro Q/A. April 28th in Syracuse NY. #2018saltcityhorrorfest
  12. C

    Hello! Greenest Newbie on the block!

    Aspiring writer here. I am a huge fan of the Dark Tower series, and writing a Post Apocalyptic fantasy story of my own. I am not deliberately pulling from Stephen's works, but I thought it would be pretty cool if Roland or maybe Eddie wandered through my world on the way to the bathroom or...
  13. Eric Thompson

    Heads Up!

    As I am writing this on January 26th, 2018, WB has formally attached Mike Flanagan to direct a movie version of "Doctor Sleep". This announcement has finally motivated me to read the book. Without spoiling anything, what would say about "Doctor Sleep" in terms of quality of the story?
  14. Eric Thompson

    IT Theory

    At the very least, we all have a general understanding of It. It lives in the macro verse (also known as Todash Space in the Dark Tower books), which surrounds all universes. It came to Derry before humans came to North America, maybe even before humans actually existed, and eventually gained an...
  15. Eric Thompson

    Connections Between Other Novels?

    I'm going to be completely honest. I have yet to read "Christine". But I have seen the movie directed by John Carpenter and I am very interested in reading it. So, my question is this-is there anything about the novel that connects to any of Stephen King's novels? I know in "It" that Henry...
  16. Eric Thompson

    How Much Does It Know? (IT & D.T Spoilers)

    I understand that It/Pennywise believes that the only two powerful beings that exist are Maturin and himself. Having said that, there have been several things in different books that overlap with things that happen in "It". In "Insomnia", the Crimson King calls on the power of what appears to be...
  17. Eric Thompson

    This Needs A Sequel

    I really liked this book. But one thing that has bugged me about this book is how they left things with Ellie. The last mention of her in the book was when her grandparents were trying to calm her down in Chicago as she is having nightmare that-based on the accuracy it has to what is going on...
  18. I

    A Horror Fairy Tale Retelling by STEPHEN KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is an answer only Stephen King can answer!!!!!!!!! Will you write a horror fairy tale retelling?
  19. Poundfoolish1

    What if IT scared kids with the truth about ADULT LIFE? Part I (Stephen King's IT parody)

    Enjoy, Like, Subscribe for more!
  20. MerlinFL

    How can Mr. King continue to allow his work to be ruined by Hollywood?!

    There are several quality exceptions. Three of these wonderful exceptions are all written for the screen as well as directed by Frank Darabont. Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, and The Mist. But what I'm completely baffled and honestly angered by is what is supposed to be The Dark Tower...