The New Lieutenant's Rap

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Sep 25, 2006
Adrogué, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Among collectors there's a story about this now-highly-seeked piece, that when the party in NY for the 25th anniversary of Carrie took place, several drunk attendants didn't pay too much attention nor care to the copies of The New Lieutenant's Rap that were distributed, which led to Stephen King (who wasn't happy with this behaviour) picked up the remaining copies and stored them. Is this real or is it more of an Urban Legend? Are there any numbers about how many copies were actually distributed?

And here's a funny thing I discovered yesterday night: when Scribner produced the reading kit for Hearts in Atlantis, among all the things included there's a page with a contest Scribner ran with the managers of the bookstores. The four of them that generated the most creative promotion for the Hearts in Atlantis Reading Groups supposedly received a package that, among other stuff, included a copy of The New Lieutenant's Rap (the signed and limited edition).

It's hard not to love the old promotional stuff the publishers used to produce. You learn something new every day. :)


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