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  1. P

    Signed books

    Hi Does anyone know where I could bye a signed stephen king book. I would go to an sign book day but I dont live in america and live in England. Would love to have one it would make my world.
  2. B

    Rare signed edition at auction

    There is a rare edition of Frankenstein signed by Stephen King for sale at Hake's Americana & Collectibles. The reason it's "rare" for King collectors is because it is an edition of only 500 copies. Mr. King wrote the Introduction, and the artist, Bernie Wrightson went on to illustrate other...
  3. Echo Looper

    I hope Stevie knows not all of us seek a signature for Ebay.

    I was blessed to see Stephen King speak in Jersey City on his End of Watch book tour. That was enough for me as a fan, but the fact that I got a copy of his new book was even better. My wife came with me and she was lucky enough to get a signed book (they were randomly scattered in with the...