sleeping beauties

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  1. S

    Sleeping Beauties

    Just started reading Sleeping Beauties. Got confused on pp 24-25 as to how Truman went from wearing "cowboy boots and boxer shorts" "and nothing else" to "feeling the grip of the Bowie knife tucked into his belt" as Eve squeezed his throat after he opened the door, just seemingly seconds later...
  2. Blake the Bard

    Sleeping Beauties Tour - Naperville, IL

    My wife and I are going to see Mr. King and his son on their book tour this Friday in Naperville, IL. We are so excited! Is anyone else going?
  3. S

    Hi, new to this

    I'm Susan, lifetime SK fan, new to message boards. I'm trying to find out if they will be announcing more tour locations for the Sleeping Beauties tour. If not, will we know when they have stopped adding cities to the tour? The closest one to me is several hours away, debating on whether to...
  4. Baby Blue

    Greetings, Constant Readers!

    Hi all! I can't believe it has taken me so long to make it here. I've been a Constant Reader since the late 80s and devour every book Sai King puts out within days of release. I live in Seattle but will be going to the Naperville, IL Sleeping Beauties book tour stop as I was unable to get...
  5. K

    Book tour PDX

    Tickets sold out in 3 minutes! If anyone has an extra I'd love to purchase it.
  6. Myra Smith

    Will Sleeping Beauties gonna be a Movie too?

    Somebody told me that Sleeping Beauties will have its film adaption coming in next few years. I was like "Really?" Then, out of curiosity, I went on to google and found that it's happening. Is it true? I mean would surely want an adaptation! Do You?