11/22/63 miniseries disappointment SPOILERS

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Oct 3, 2017
New Orleans, LA
I have read every SK book ever written and seen every movie adaption of them ever made. I have yet to see one that sticks exactly to the book. There are always changes, even if they are minor, such as changing a song. Most times they have to make changes unless they plan to make a 10 hour movie since the books are usually quite long.
His boots are so very detail orientated that they're apparently difficult to bring to screen. And it seems like all those tiny little details in his books are all important. I never realized any of that until I attempted to do a 5 minute oral book report on 'Salem's Lot'. I was in high school and I think that five minute presentation turned into more like twenty minutes.....lol. I wanted to give an accurate synopsis of the book and failed miserably...still got that A though...lol. As someone else already stated, I just expect to be disappointed in the films. But I was impressed with the adaptation of 'It'. Every time Pennywise would suddenly rush toward one of the kids a chill went down my spine. It was creepy as all hell. And the clown was much MUCH more accurately portrayed than the one in the miniseries (which I thought wasn't very good at all). At the beginning when he was talking to Georgie in the drain, you could just feel the evil radiating off him. I really feel like it depends on who is writing the screenplay. They need to get writers that love the books as much as we do to write them. And who are good at getting emotion across the screen.
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