1st Edition: Signed Found at a Used Bookstore

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All-being, keeper of Space, Time & Dimension.
Jul 11, 2006
Spokane, WA
The Francis Coppolla thing on the photograph is an inside joke -- One of the first times King was "recognized," as someone famous he was misidentified as the director. Rather than disabuse the awe-struck fan (a dishwasher at Nathan's in NY), he says that he signed Coppolla's name.
Oh that's hilarious! Looking at the two of them (King & Coppolla) they could be twins! That was one of my thoughts when I first saw the pic- King was messing around with someone! Too funny!

king family fan

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Jul 19, 2010
Now while I don't collect these books to sell them for profit, I would trade one to get another. If anyone has one the Cemetery Dance 25th Anniversary Edition of "It" signed, I'd consider trading this Deadzone w/inside joke Photo Autograph for it. I actually already had a Deadzone. :D
I do have books to trade for others but none that are signed.But someone else may have >


Ms. Mod
Jul 10, 2006
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I'm hoping Ms. Mod can tell me if this is genuine. I found it at a used bookstore. It breaks my heart because someone must have died and their family just unloaded it with a bunch of other books. The inscription is so specific it seems like Mr. King may have known them better and might remember this. The autographed picture was also inside the book.
This looks authentic to me. I have no idea who Louise is so can't speak to that part of it or why the photo for Francis Coppolla wound up there.


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I'll see what I can do. If/when I find some more of those, you will have to reimburse me for the purchase and pay the shipping. We are just fans here. I don't collect the books to sell them for a profit (signed or otherwise). I'm pretty sure there is a Salem's Lot at available still at one of the Half Prices. I didn't grab it because I already have the number I need. I'll go back and look for that one again by Thursday.
You're fantastic! Thank you!!

Robert Gray

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This looks authentic to me. I have no idea who Louise is so can't speak to that part of it or why the photo for Francis Coppolla wound up there.
I appreciate it. It looked authentic to me. Given the time period, and what another poster said about the inside joke, I'm guessing it was someone assigned to him during a signing to whom he autographed the picture as a joke.
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