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2/3 way thru comment

Discussion in 'Under The Dome' started by chief4db, Jun 9, 2015.

  1. chief4db

    chief4db When it doubt, run!

    Man this book has really grabbed me but I have to say every time I set it down after reading for awhile I'm in a pissed off mood. The bad guys r really getting under my skin. I've only been reading king for a couple of years but I have learned his endings are not like the movies where the bad guys always end up getting theirs in the end. Which is one of the reasons I like him bc more realistic. But in this case I hope Jim gets all that's coming. That arrogant piece of s%#$
  2. AchtungBaby

    AchtungBaby Well-Known Member

    As Dory from Finding Nemo said..... just keep swimming, just keep swimming......
  3. Sunlight Gardener

    Sunlight Gardener Well-Known Member

    Ha ha, I was right there with you when I read it! Big Jim is one of my most hated villains ever in any story. Junior and his cronies are right up there too. I wanted Barbie to wipe them all out with a Bazooka by about page 100 lol. As Achtung said, just keep going.
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  4. Robert Gray

    Robert Gray Well-Known Member

    Whenever I'm asked what I think of this book, I always say the same thing. There is this coffee made from coffee beans that have been consumed and passed by a civet (both a cat-like and weasel-like creature). I'm not sure what kind of a person drinks civet-poo coffee but I imagine that after reading Under the Dome, I know what it feels like to be the coffee bean that is consumed, digested, passed, ground up into coffee and consumed again. In short, Sai King puts you through the emotional wringer. I'm not going to spoil things one way or another, but be prepared to be emotionally exhausted by the end of the book. It is worth the stress.
  5. MarkS73

    MarkS73 Well-Known Member

    I'm halfway now. I've read it before but have little memory of it but i'm really hoping Big Jim does'nt make it to the end. Somehow i keep picturing Donald Trump whenever Jim Rennie appears...:)
  6. chief4db

    chief4db When it doubt, run!

    This post was over a year ago. Glad to see members still accessing it. Won't spoil anything for ya. I definitely, like yourself, will be rereading this in the future. I think any book over 1000 pages is a must reread.
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  7. recitador

    recitador Speed Reader

    i think the frustration of jim rennie, and the reason he ranks up there as a bad guy that can get under your skin, is the fact that he's real. his type of evil anyway. the world is full of jim rennie's, and unfortunately, a lot of them don't get their comeuppance. a lot of them have long, fulfilling careers manipulating people, retire, and die of old age and natural causes. see american congress/senate for examples. or yeah, donald trump. a true piece of trash that should be poor and in jail, and yet is doing well for himself on the backs of others, and currently manipulating a good chunk of america to position himself far closer to the presidency than a nut job of his caliber should ever be able to get. people twist themselves into pretzels to excuse the crap that comes out of that guy's mouth, and he just points to his own personal barbie, hillary clinton. oh, he said this, but have you heard about her? it's a true devil's dance. it's like a social experiment gone horribly wrong. it's our own very personal, under the dome situation

    (not that hillary is totally awesome or blameless, btw. just a world of difference between shady and flat out crazy and hateful)
  8. Tery

    Tery I want to look at life In the available light Moderator

    Big Jim Rennie was based on Dick Cheney. I hate him -- man and character -- with the heat of a thousand suns. Big Jim is such a great villain because he was based on real evil.
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  9. sooooooo... Did you finish it? :)
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  10. tsk tsk Tery :rofl:
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