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A Journey That Has Been Amazing...

Discussion in 'The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower' started by campbell2013, Oct 31, 2013.

  1. HollyGolightly

    HollyGolightly Well-Known Member

    I am nearly finished with this book, finally. I have finally figured out where I lose interest in these books: it's the fight scenes. I realize they are necessary, but they're not my favorite. So when I know one is coming up, I drag my feet. Once I get through it, I'm all good. Now that I'm on the other side of the
    Breaking the Breakers scene
    it's been smooth sailing. I've been like this through every volume of the tower. But it's still been an amazing journey. I wish someone could make me some spoilers when I hit that point - like just tell me what the ultimate outcome was so I don't have to read it. Meaning no disrespect to SK - I've loved him unconditionally for nearly 30 years, but even when I'm watching a Western or a war movie - I'll ff through all the fighting.

    BTW - I've had too much coffee to trust my work skillsrightnowsoi'mstallingatwork and talking nonstop righthere.
  2. themedic

    themedic Well-Known Member

    I now have 71 pages left and I'm strting to get sad as the journey will be over soon. I'm getting that same feeling when I came out of Return of the King. I enjoyed it imensely but it was over.

    PS>>I'm not one to read books again, I have to many that I want to read to want to go back and read others again.
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  3. themedic

    themedic Well-Known Member

    I am done......I will need some time to let it sink in.
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  4. OKKingFan

    OKKingFan Well-Known Member

    I know how you feel Medic. I finished about a month and a half ago, and it's still sort of sinking in. I was going to post my "review" of the series, but I'm still not real sure what my feelings are about it. Mixed, to say the least. I realize some probably love or hate the series, but it falls somewhere in the middle of King's work for me.
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  5. themedic

    themedic Well-Known Member

    This series took me approximately three years to read. I didn't read it back to back to back. etc. I would read one then read something else (ie. I read The Stand, Eyes of the Dragon between books) I read wizard and glass while on vacation in Cozumel. Anyway now that it has sunk in, I feel like it couldn't have ended any other way. At first I wasn't sure, but I would think about it. Then I realised that it was perfect. I'm not going to write more as I do not want to spoil it for others. I am however going to read Insomnia when I'm done with Cash of Kings.
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  6. Siris

    Siris New Member

    Took 4 days to get through and it was worth every second. So lucky that school library lets 10 books out at one time per person. Able to get whole series at once... except it was a bit heavy carrying all those books, an instrument and 3 textbooks around for 8 hrs. But you know it was worth it, all the way.
    Pax Vobiscum,

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