A nod to Updyke?

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Walter Oobleck

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Mar 6, 2013
I just started reading this. Actually, I'm only on page 10. Is anyone else seeing a nod to Updyke and the Rabbit series with the references to the Runner series mentioned in this book? Or is it just me?

Yeah...I thought Updike when I read the titles. I also wondered if there is any real writer like what's his name. Epstein? Hockstein? See...this is why I am a carpenter. I have to take notes, believe me you. But too, in another King story, a character thinks about or otherwise mentions a writer...that I think was that Soviet writer...Solzitkneedskin? Solzitnikiskiv? Something like that. A real forlorn name. No wonder he wound up in the gulag. Maybe he hung out in New Hampshire or Vermont. I wonder if he passed? Well I think he did. Haven't heard...or wait now. I read something from him, Soltzeenixon, April Something. Stories. Not bad actually, wasn't blown away...but as I recall the stories were all linked together...so say we all.

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Sep 1, 2018
That's so funny/ironic. I was thinking the same thing when I was reading. I haven't read the Updike novels myself, yet, however, I could definitely see parallels between the Rabbit novels (Rabbit Run, Rabbit is Rich, Rabbit At Rest, etc...) and the Runner series as you mentioned. I also envisioned Philip Roth as Rothstein - a sort of reclusive author living in a farmhouse. Just my take. I was absolutely enthralled the the biblio aspects of this story!