About Salem's Lot

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Jul 28, 2016
I have seen different versions of the movie which don't all have the special scenes. Sometimes the jail-scene where the two men are bitten by Kurt Barlow is missing. Sometimes the movie is 3 hours or 1 hour and ten minutes. I certainly want to read the director's cut of the book. So I need the longest version. I wonder what characters are carried over into other stores? Or what stories carry over from Salem's Lot?



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Aug 9, 2015
351Ford, there is only ONE version of Salem's Lot which runs under 700 pages, so try to get that one at your local library or used bookstore. I've included a link below from Amazon so you can get more details.

The second link is from the illustrated version published a few years ago. It contains some great photography as well as a chapter or two that back in the 70s King's publisher advised against including in the original version due to some disturbing/graphic content. Only seek this out after reading the original.

'Salem's Lot: Stephen King: 9780307743671: Amazon.com: Books



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Jun 19, 2016
Derry, NH
I'm too busy this thread to read the book!!! It's in my freaking hand!! What is wrong with me?? Rhetorical please don't answer.
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