am I missing something?

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New Member
Jun 7, 2014
I have a question regarding The Long Road Home issue three. Just after Roland, trapped in Maerlyn's Grapefruit, gets carried away by the crow, Alain and Cuthbert are at the campfire talking (sorry, I don't have an exact page number only location #57 on Kindle-approximately page 7). There are two horses standing behind them. Then four pages later Cuthbert hears "their one remaining horse" screaming in terror. What happened to the other horse?


The idiot is IN
Jun 15, 2007
Cambridge, Ohio

I think they mean the one remaining horse of BERT AND ALAIN. When Roland is back from the Grapefruit (sounds weird when you say it like that), he is seen riding a horse again (the other two are dead because of the bridge and the wolves).

The mule is Sheemie's.
...I recalled it was Sheemie's mule, but not whether it was in that particular scene...


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Sep 8, 2011
The Netherlands
Thanks Gerald!
This was just as the wolves showed up, so I don't think the second horse had been killed already and if it had, Cuthbert wouldn't have known yet since he didn't know there were wolves... but I suppose that could be the case.
No, the second horse hadn't been killed already, there WERE still two.
The first horse breaks its leg on the bridge and is mercy-killed. The second horse is attacked by a wolf and it looks like its mercy-killed too - but the picture is not very clear, you can't see if Bert shoots the horse or the wolf. But whichever is the case, the second horse dies then, because Bert says (as if talking to the people at home): 'Oh, about the horses...'.
The third horse is still alive when they return home.

The confusion is understandable, it's not handled all that clearly. But I'm used to that in comics. Maybe it's because comics are often done by multiple artists, but I find mistakes/unclear things in them from time to time. More than in novels, although they can have them too obviously.
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