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Am I the only one who thinks like this.............

Discussion in 'The Wind Through The Keyhole' started by oldordie, Jun 8, 2014.

  1. oldordie

    oldordie Member

    I recently reread several of the novels which include characters and events from the DT series. Then I reread all the DT series. I took the ending of book VII to be telling us that
    Roland is doomed to keep repeating his life until he gets it right.

    As Roland is climbing the tower steps and looking into the rooms, he only faces a few of his cold choices for action. All through the series, Roland is often faced with a situation and KNOWS what is going to happen. I think he subconsciously remembers his life each time he is reborn.

    Because of what I believed the end of the DT speaks of reincarnation, I think The Wind Through The Keyhole should be book VIII. Ka is a wheel. Roland possibly makes the time to help Tim because he is learning to be more caring and expressive. Roland’s biggest fault was his lack of imagination. By telling Tim the story, he expresses a little more creativeness and warmth of character than he does in the DT series. Besides the whole point seems to me is that it is the reading of the story that is gold, the ending only a sad dream.

    The entire time I was reading the DT series, I kept thinking about a poem by Edgar Allen Poe called Eldorado.

    Gaily benight a gallant knight
    In sunshine and shadow
    Had journeyed long
    Singing a song
    In search of Eldorado
    But he grew old
    This knight so bold
    And over his heart a shadow
    For fell as he found
    No spot of ground
    That looked like Eldorado
    And as his strength
    Failed him at length
    He met a pilgrim shadow
    Shadow said he
    Where can it be
    This land of Eldorado
    Over the mountains of the moon
    Down the valley of the shadow
    Ride, boldly ride,
    The shade replied
    If you seek for Eldorado

    Give me more DT books. Don't worry about where they go in the series. Read them as they were written.
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