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Any Chance of a Dr. Sleep Movie?

Discussion in 'Doctor Sleep' started by WesleyGman, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. imaginary friend

    imaginary friend Well-Known Member

    hello Aloysius....... i realized there would likely be a challenge when making this comment. i'm a huge movie buff with hundreds of films in my disk library, Green Mile or Shawshank are among my favorites but I've never read the printed versions. to my knowledge these are the only King movies i've ever seen and i'll likely read Green Mile when the opportunity presents. just saying i'll probably pass on a movie version of Dr Sleep if [when?] it becomes reality, it's a choice i'll need to make. ..............o discordia.
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  2. mal

    mal Well-Known Member

    I'd see it if it were made. Either to enjoy it or critically pick it apart. Either way I'm entertained!
  3. César Hernández-Meraz

    César Hernández-Meraz Wants to be Nick, ends up as Larry

    That's the spirit!

    I even tell people to go to see movies I just told them I did not like, so at least they can see why that was.
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  4. Cassandra Campos

    Cassandra Campos New Member

    I've always had a love-hate relationship with books turned into movies. There are some really great theatre adaptations, and some are very crappy, do no justice whatsoever to the book and make me so damn pissed. Would hate to see Dr. Sleep become a crappy movie adaptation of a great book. But now I think of it I don't beleive that, so far at least, I've seen one of Stephen King's books-to-movie adpations turn out as crappy. Think they've come out pretty good, Dr. Sleep would be a fine addition indeed.
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  5. raggedyman79

    raggedyman79 Well-Known Member

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  6. MikiM

    MikiM Active Member

    My 20 year old daughter isn't a huge fan of SK like I am, as she isn't as big a reader as I am. When she does read, it's YA stuff, and classics. She's a movie person, (her minor is in cinema) and she does love Shawhank, Green Mile, and despite her non interest in Sci-Fi...she LOVED Maximum Overdrive (Trucks). SK's range does fascinate her, though, and in English she picked Salem's Lot as her semester project, and she watched a "Biography" special with him online the other day. The Shining scared her to death, and while she knew he didn't like Kubrick's adaptation, it wasn't for the reason she thought. She was surprised to see that to SK, it was the disintegration of the family that was the real tragedy. I need to look up that episode of Biography...I love his interviews.
  7. César Hernández-Meraz

    César Hernández-Meraz Wants to be Nick, ends up as Larry

    I have been watching some people in YouTube commenting about their experiences with Mr. King's books.

    One girl commented how she was really scared when she read It. She talked about how It made such a cool villain and that It made the book scary.

    All the while I was thinking how even worse than It was the town of Derry.
    From the very beginning we see the kind of awful things Derry's people can do. And then we see what they have done through the history of the town. There is also the fact that some people may not be actually doing these things, but they get very good at seeing them and then pretending they didn't.

    It was an awful monster (I use "awful" in the sense of the things It did), but It just came out for some months every few decades. In my opinion, the true monsters were the ordinary people who lived there.
    The book shows this quite a few times.

    I love how Mr. King's books can be read and leave each of us with different things. I suspect they may even feel like a different book to the same person if read at different points in life.

    All that said, if they do a Doctor Sleep movie someday, I hope they do not leave out all of the focus on the characters and the way their family life when they are young can affect who they are/become as they grow up.
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  8. MikiM

    MikiM Active Member

    Me too. I esp like the way that you see (Spoiler) Danny's redemption and...(SUPER SPOILER) Jacks own redemption too!
  9. MikiM

    MikiM Active Member

    With all due respect....Cujo. God, that movie ticked me off so bad! And Lawnmower Man was so horribly done that SK demanded his name be removed from the movie posters before it was released, the finished product looked nothing like the short story.
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  10. César Hernández-Meraz

    César Hernández-Meraz Wants to be Nick, ends up as Larry

    I read that short story, so now I have to watch that movie! (Knowing beforehand that it is not a good one.)
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  11. Tery

    Tery Dreaming in Middletown Moderator

    This may be the understatement of the day! :glee:
  12. fljoe0

    fljoe0 Cantre Member

    I think the only thing that movie has in common with the story is the title.
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  13. César Hernández-Meraz

    César Hernández-Meraz Wants to be Nick, ends up as Larry

    Ouch! That bad, is it?

    I hope it is a fun watch, then. Do you know if Netflix has it? (I'll have to wait until I am at home to check if it there.)
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  14. Tery

    Tery Dreaming in Middletown Moderator

    I don't have Netflix, can't tell you, say sorry. But, yes, it IS that bad.

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