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Any ideas on reading?

Discussion in 'Bred Any Good Rooks Lately? (Suggested Reading)' started by jahrastafarri, Jun 10, 2014.

  1. jahrastafarri

    jahrastafarri Member

    Hey folks, I've got a question for all of you. I'm now reading "Insomnia" but I'm pretty sure that I'll deal with it in a couple of days, so I wanted to ask for some advice on what to read next (I'm in a Kingish mood, so Mr. King's works, if possible). Any ideas on that?
    BTW, to make it clear, here's the list of Mr. King's novels I've already read:
    • The Dark Tower
    • Carrie
    • Cell
    • Dreamcatcher
    • The Green Mile
    • Cujo
    • Salem's Lot
    • Under the Dome
    • Tommyknockers
    • IT
    • Misery
    • Pet Sematary
    • The Shining
    • The Talisman
    • Bachman's Thinner and The Running Man
  2. Out of Order

    Out of Order Need More Time

    Night Shift or Skeleton Crew

    Both actually.
  3. The Nameless

    The Nameless M-O-O-N - That spells Nameless

    I've not read insomnia, so I wouldn't know if anything transitions seamlessly from it, but I can see 3 books missing from your list that there really is no bad time to read:

    The stand

    Joyland is a quickie if that's what you're after, if you want to sink your teeth into an epic, go for the stand or 11/22/63. All 3 are amazing.
  4. VultureLvr45

    VultureLvr45 Well-Known Member

    I see you have read The Shining. Dr. Sleep is a sequel to The Shining. What King books do you have at home in your to be read pile? I am reading Rose Madder currently, but have a fairly tall to be read pile. Waiting for Mr Mercedes at local inde bookstore. If you are in the mood for a twist on history, 11-22-63 is a great read, Joyland is a fun mystery, short stories, Everything's Eventual. Depends on what you want..Let us know what you've picked. 2014-05-30-11-26-34--147364421.jpeg
  5. You could go with Duma Key next... Its one of my favorites :)

    GNTLGNT The idiot is IN

    ...Black House...
  7. jahrastafarri

    jahrastafarri Member

    Thank you all! What a list. I think I'll start with 11/22/63 (the reviews really got me interested). Then Mr. Sleep it'll be. Undoubtedly. But first, let me deal with my Insomnia :)
  8. The Nameless

    The Nameless M-O-O-N - That spells Nameless

    Excellent choices. I have read 11/22/63 twice, it's my 2nd favourite book. Dr sleep was really good too.
    VultureLvr45, Neesy and Dana Jean like this.
  9. prufrock21

    prufrock21 Well-Known Member

    Consider reading early King--say, Blaze, Rage, The Plant. Creepy, yes, but definitely King.
    VultureLvr45 and Neesy like this.
  10. opundo

    opundo Active Member

    If you want to read a book that is similar to The Stand, try Swan Song by Robert McCammon.

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