Appearance on the Diane Rehm Show (NPR)

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Oct 15, 2015
As always, enjoyed listening to Ms. Rehm interview her guest.
SK sounded very relaxed and, I think, gave a good interview.
It is good to know that SK looks like a normal human being despite being a self-proclaimed Jekyll and Hyde
... musta been wearing his baseball cap with brim facing forward ;)

Patricia A

Jul 10, 2006
Puget Sound
This was fantastic. So true about dream diaries. :thumbs_up:
Great interview. It's good to hear from a professional writer that writing just because it feels good is a real thing!
However; from the peanut gallery, I'd like to opine that looking perfectly normal is really not a big deal. I wonder why people expect Stephen King to look like a boogie man? He's a writer for Christsake, not a mutant.
Nice stuff about Molly, the thing of evil too. Pet people rule.