Are you among the frightened?

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Mar 20, 2019
....autonomous autos are either being tested or soon to be, which IS terrifying...but to blame that bitch of a fictional Fury is just stupid.....
I'm curious why they went with Christine and not MD since Christine was just one car, MD was every automobile and no offense to Christine but I'd be more spooked of a possessed semi.

As for automated cars, they're a necessary evil as we move forward. A lot of seniors just don't have their kids nearby to drive them to the doctor, the grocery store, etc, and so on and many get into accidents due to their age and their motor skills not being what they used to be. In short, automated cars will allow them to get to the doctor, store, etc, with less chance of plowing through a crowd of people. Sure, they're going to be ugly for awhile but like I said, they'll primarily be used by old people and the disabled properly and I don't think having a hot looking car is their primary concern. However, there's always a down side and if they can be hacked they will be hacked and that can cause an issue. I, Robot does come to mind.....
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