As Much As I Liked This Book...

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The idiot is IN
Jun 15, 2007
Cambridge, Ohio
I never liked fran either, in fact for most of the book reading about her was annoying and tedious for me, that only changed towards the end but I still didn't like her.

As for molly, I've said it before on here I'm sure, I think the criticism of her is too harsh, ok she wasn't great but (in my opinion) the only person who was great in it was Gary Sinise playing stu and possibly the guy who played lloyd hendreid. Kathy bates was as good as you'd expect from a fantastic actor such as her but her part was so small you could hardly count it. For me, the actors who played Flagg, Harold, trashy, kojak's owner (whose name I can't remember) and many others in the mini series were as bad as or worse than molly ringwald.
...I thought Matt Frewer did ok with Trashy.....
Nov 5, 2017
... I could not stand Fran. But Fran.. blech.
For the most part, I find myself loathing Fran, and I loved this book. My biggest complaint against her is really how she treats people (mostly men who love her, or at least are very interested in her) so poorly. First, it's Jesse (who for all intents and purposes is only in the book to get Fran pregnant, and then King doesn't even give him the dignity of knowing if he's alive or dead). The dude is willing to go to any lengths for Fran, but she comes up with reasons he's not good enough for her. And then there is Harold, who for all his faults, did not deserve to be strung along like she did. As much as it would have sucked for Harold, and as much as his actions are his own, Fran certainly helped set him on the path by stringing him along. By refusing to acknowledge his feelings honestly from the start, and dealing with them from the get-go, Fran contributes to his actions. Fran's one concern in the whole novel is FRAN, and love only matters to Fran if it's what FRAN wants.
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