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Audio Book Version

Discussion in 'The Talisman' started by Steffen, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. Steffen

    Steffen Well-Known Member

    Hey folks, I have a question that I couldn't find an answer to so I made a new post.

    I've been revisiting SK's work in audio-book format over the last few months. I finished It and the Dark Tower series and was thinking about listening to On Writing next, but then I remembered how much I loved The Talisman when I read it as a teenager.

    I saw that there's an audio-book version narrated by Frank Muller, whose work I adored in the Dark Tower. If anyone here has listened to it, I'd appreciate some feedback. Also, is there any other audio version of this book?
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  2. dwshorn

    dwshorn Member

    Frank Muller's narration of The Talisman is excellent. One of my favorites. He narrated Black House, too.

    GNTLGNT The idiot is IN

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  4. Steffen

    Steffen Well-Known Member

    Thanks folks. I'm gonna tackle that one next, but wanted to hear from at least one person here first. Your input is always valued.
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  5. redman

    redman Well-Known Member

    I just finished The Talisman last weekend and I'm listening to Black House now. Both very well narrated
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