Awesome Performances

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New Member
Jun 12, 2008
I have seen Ghost Brothers twice now and both times it was AMAZING. I live in the Saint Louis MO area and the first time I saw it was in 2013 in Atlanta. I drove there for the very first performance they did and it was incredible. I just saw it again tonight when it came to Saint Louis...each performance was totally different from each other but both were GREAT. I also bought the 3 disk hardcover edition of the sound track and listen to it all the time.
KUDOS and INCREDIBLE job to Mr. King, Mr. Mellencamp and Mr. outstanding piece of work.

Dana Jean

Apr 11, 2006
I just read where Mellencamp is dating Christie Brinkley. He is so tiny, and I saw a picture of them together, so Christie must be tiny. I though models were tall girls.
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