Batman and Robin have an altercation

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Well-Known Member
Sep 26, 2006
Although I enjoyed reading King's explanation on how each story came to be, I think it detracted from some of the stories like this one as it basically gave away much of the plot. It might have been better to include those after the story. I guess I could have read it that way but was too lazy to skip ahead and then go back each time.


New Member
Apr 5, 2017
So far, this is my favorite story in the collection. You can really see this happening and not just in Texas.
I finished this collection last night and this was my favorite. Just wish it was a bit longer as I think this would make a great movie but would be a short unless someone really filled it out.

Zone D Dad

Well-Known Member
Apr 17, 2017
Chicago Suburbs
I just finished this one too. The timing was interesting as I had just gotten into a mild fender-bender on Mother's Day, which began as a tense situation until cooler heads prevailed (thankfully). I enjoyed this story, but I also found it very sad.
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