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Sep 8, 2011
The Netherlands
Here are details of every episode of the new Creepshow tv-series from Shudder. I was gonna make a thread for it, but then I'd be daily reminded of it, and Shudder isn't availble here (yet).
I thought there was talk they were going to do Survivor Type, but it is actually Gray Matter - always been a favorite of mine from Night Shift. I hope if the series is good it will get some kind of release on blu-ray.



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Jun 4, 2007
I am excited for this to be sure, but I have to admit, when I saw the Creepshow series trailer, it didn't exactly hit me like I thought it would. Some of the synopses, too, don't feel on-brand, if I am using that term correctly (and if you know what I mean). Big exception is the Halloween episode...that sounds like it will be fun.

I'm fairly positive this is just me feeling the pressure of wanting it to succeed. I highly doubt I will be disappointed by this project. I love anthologies and believe we are overdue for a Creepshow series. Shocked this couldn't get funding years ago. I wonder if the same thing that happened with Tales from the Crypt happened here: i.e., there were rights issues (Crypt couldn't get around them, so whatever outlet was looking to make the new version dropped it; think it was TNT?).

King, as far as I know and have been told, is not a part of this, which is too bad. I wonder if the show would be up for any sequels to the stories in the original film (unless, again, there are rights concerns). Imagine Joe Hill playing Jordy Verrill's son? He tries to find out what happened to his father? Hill could even write such an episode. Be interesting too if it were played straight and not slapstick...a serious inquiry into the particulars of the weed-induced suicide.

I wonder, too, if maybe the casting is striking me odd. Don't get me's a good lineup. Just different than what I expected. Thought there would be more popular actors on it. Can't really explain my strange reservation on that, because it should make no difference (and it really won't). The stories will work or not.

I checked out the link to the merchandise store. We have the requisite tee shirts, etc. I'm sort of past the branded-tee-shirt-acquisition phase of my life. What I would really like is an ongoing comic book called Creepshow. As well as paperback short-story anthologies. How about a board game? A video-game wouldn't be bad, either. Action figures and playsets would also be welcome. Also, for those who know of the Lemax Spooky Town stuff, a licensed line of animated houses/scenes would be incredible...incredible, I repeat. (I am partial to the tote, though, I have to admit.)

Looking forward to this. Will temporarily subscribe to Shudder to view it. Hope the series is released all at once...anyone know if that was mentioned? Also, anyone know the exact date? Read that it was being released in September, but I don't recall when in that month.

I've read that Night Gallery may be coming back. I hope there will be a trend of bringing back horror-anthology IP (imagine if something like Darkroom came back, with James Coburn, I think it was?). I also, too, would love to see Cemetery Dance strike a deal for an anthology series of its own one of these days...