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Dana Jean

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Apr 11, 2006
The High Seas
Making the Politzered Prize short-list

The Stephen King community membership is pleased to announce
a new and exciting Halloween story collaboration featuring a cast of many!

This beautifully designed, New York Times almost bestseller web-site work will become a classic!

Released as a serial starting Tuesday, October 15, 2019,

your anticipation will grow with each and every chapter!

Mark your calendars!

The Biggest Con (Final) 2.jpg

About the Story:

“When American author Mark Willington has a meet ‘n’ greet, you will likely get more than you bargained for:

A book signing, a taste of spilled-blood, followed by loose bowels and donuts. What more could a fan-base ask for?

Well, how about an adventurous road-trip that culminates in meeting up with long-time online friends?

There will be darkness and mystery, blood-lust and the rending of limbs, with a small sprinkling of exotic pets.

Come and experience “The Biggest Con” of them all, you won’t be disappointed!”


Cover Design: @diamondran
Photo credit: FlakeNoir
Photo Props: Grandma

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Dana Jean

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Apr 11, 2006
The High Seas
With the imminent arrival of "The Biggest Con" just days away, let's take time to meet the first-week writing team.

Chapter 1 due to hit the site October 15, 2019

Edward John is a 19-year-old college student who hails from Scotland. He worked his way up from the mailroom at the Telegraph to groupie-handler for the power metal band Demons and Wizards.

His favorite book is Under the Dome and he once lived alone in Spaceship Earth located in sunny Florida at the Epcot Center for 5 weeks before he realized it was not Biosphere 2.

Recently joining the Stephen King Message Board community and participating in his first and last group story there, he shared his love for the opening line,

“The man in black fled across the desert and the gunslinger followed.”

He feels it is the best opening line of any book ever and is hoping he is Idris Elba’s love child.

A chef in the kitchen, he loves colcannon and neeps and serves them every Friday to his saintly grandmother before heading into town for sake with his pals. He often serves as dartboard holder for local tournaments.

He is part of the Tartan Army but secretly loves the Wolverhampton Wanderers.

His own writing credits are book reports and faked sick notes from mom.

You can follow him at Edward John.

Chapter 2 due to hit the site October 16, 2019

HollyGolightly lives largely in her head. Her special talent is oversharing – you most likely know too much about her already. She walks a fine line between crazy and blissful – and that is apt to change based on the music she’s listening to.

There’s almost always paint in her hair and under her fingernails. She worships her clawfoot tub like it’s a God. Still undecided on what she’s going to do when she grows up, she likes to water things outside – barefoot in the yard, watching the dirt turn to mud brings her happiness and peace.

Favorite things: finding feathers; taking bubble baths; chopping vegetables; vodka cocktails; and drunk posting on her Priest's facebook page.

She has children who put their pictures up on Pinterest so she will look at them and remember who they are.

She has a sister wife, but The Ogre knows he can't handle all that sumpin' sumpin'. The sister wife is fine with that.

She loves her black shape wear and frequently wears it to perform mime for the neighbor man and his WWII buddies. They think she is Rikki Tikki Tavi.

You can reach Holly at HollyGolightly

Chapter 3 due to hit the site October 17, 2019

Niro is from Germany and stumbled upon the Stephen King message board in 2013.

She now is a librarian at a university library.

She pretty much grew up and became an adult during her membership there.

She loves the works of Stephen King but is far behind when it comes to having them all read.

One of her favorite Netflix series is called the "Casketeers" about an undertaker from New Zealand.

She only writes once a year when it comes time to write her segment for the SKMB horror story.

She spends her time with fitness, Netflix, music and reading.

She is found at niro
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Dana Jean

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Apr 11, 2006
The High Seas
Second week contributors to "The Biggest Con"

Chapter 4 due to hit the site October 22, 2019

Miss Sundrop is a long time member of the Stephen King community. Her follicular styling career has kept her busy in the North Carolina hills where she claims to be full of stagnant water from a hickory stump.

Once engaged to Dwight Yoakam, she kicked him to the curb for hard-partying Nikki Sixx. Unfortunately, his heroin habit interfered with her watercraft and
fur coat addiction. Her stint in the Betty Boop Clinic saved her life and she speaks publicly about her struggles. (Contact her agent to book her public speaking events).

Her MacGyver skills in home repair have been ranked #19 on the Billboard Top 100 list.

She is a collector of sticks; daisies; wines; and sea glass; passions she shares with her Munchkin.

Her favorite meal is dark Karo syrup and peanut butter sandwiches with a side of moonpie washed down with a Dr. Pepper. For dessert, she counts out exactly seven blue raspberries and sings "Take Me Home Country Roads" while eating them.

Kure Beach is her happy place and she loves to share that location with her boyfriend, Mr. Wilmington, N.C.

When she isn’t writing in the annual Stephen King collaboration, she is reading Stephen King’s book, Salem’s Lot, her all-time favorite publication and a must-read for the Halloween season.

You can learn more about Sunny by contacting her here Sundrop

Chapter 5 due to hit the site October 23, 2019

FlakeNoir is an incredibly huge pain in the ass. She lives a God-Awfully long way away. Which is a blessing for her friends all over the world; this way they don’t have to look upon her mousy face, nor listen to her nails-on the-blackboard, irritating accent.

Her previous writing experience (outside of the SKMB projects) is virtually nil, the sooner she shuts up, the better--so say all of us.
She once had a paid stint on the Stephen King Revival website, where she basically sat around eating chocolate, while simultaneously binge-watching a bunch of trash TV.

She is currently engaged to actor Ewan McGregor, while also dating Charlie Hunnam. Hush your mouths, they seriously don’t mind!

Flake’s biggest dream (if Stephen King retires before successfully using the tag-line “FlakeNoir” in one of his stories) is to travel through time; back to the 1980’s to when David Bowie was in his 30’s.
Let’s just say that a David Bowie/FlakeNoir love-child would be something to behold!

For a small fee, you can stalk her @ FlakeNoir.

Chapter 6 due to hit the site October 24, 2019

Kurben has taken part in the Stephen King Halloween stories since he became a member. When he is not working he is reading or writing.

One of his many faults is that he can't throw away books. That has led to him buying bookcase after bookcase to accommodate the new books. His girlfriend once complained that it was like sleeping in a library.

His main interests are History; Horror; SF; and what-if novels. He plays floorball in his spare time and loves to watch beautiful nature. On his vacations he likes to travel to different spots of interest. The number one on his list of places to visit before you die is the Pyramids and the Valley Of Kings.

He lives in Stockholm , Sweden with his books and his favorite pub is The Flying Scotchman where they have many beers to choose from. One of his fave beers is called Old Peculiar which to him seems very fitting.

According to him the best SK book is IT which he has read more times than he can count. Check him out at Kurben
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Dana Jean

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Apr 11, 2006
The High Seas
Final Week contributors to "The Biggest Con"

Chapter 7 due to hit the site October 29, 2019

Tery makes her home in the part of the country often known as Cascadia.

She is the mom to a daughter and numerous pets, including llamas and cats.

A skilled Millefiori artist, she often uses her clay expertise to fashion artificial earlobes.

She loves the band RUSH, going to many concerts. She has massaged every member at least twice and cooked them spaghetti once.

Her favorite place to be is the Hawaiian Islands and she dreams of retiring there one day to start a plumeria farm. She is a most excellent hula dancer.

Her writing credits include numerous Stephen King Message Board Stories; The Mad Logophile; and The Daily Kos.

You can reach her at Tery.

Chapter 8 due to hit the site October 30, 2019

Dana Jean lives near the Pacific Northwest where men are biblical and women are vapid. She is micromanaged by 2 cats and a couple other nerds. Once a medical transcriptionist, she is now a nanny to two lovely little gentlemen. They keep her young and on her toes. She wraps them in quilts and shoves them in the closet until snot drips from their noses.

Her writing credits include various Stephen King Message Board group stories; "Dana's Dish," a family newsletter she published on a weekly basis and forced everyone to read; and as a ghost writer for the Stephen King character Julia Shumway. Unfortunately, that Chester’s Mill web presence went t*t’s up.

Her six degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon is nonexistent; but, she did draw a paycheck from Stephen King for a special Revival project and once even shook his hand. He said "ew" and called the cops.

She enjoys long walks (lie); and sunsets (truth); gummy bears; donuts; ice tea; and Little Women of L.A. She loves the idea of discovery and is always challenging herself to learn new things and think new thoughts. Unfortunately, her memory is bad so the new learning and new thoughts are the same stuff she learned and thunked the previous day.

Dana Jean loves to learn new things. Unfortunately, her memory is bad so the new learning and new thoughts are the same stuff she learned and thunked the previous day.

Dana Jean loves to learn new things. Unfortuna....

wait a minute....

She can be reached at Dana Jean

Chapter 9 due to hit the site October 31, 2019

Gazman Gary lives with his wife and 3 children all under the age of 5 in Ireland. He caught a nasty strain of Artane Coolock while hanging out with his most favorite singer Lady Gaga at an All Blacks football game.

He loves Sangria and a good pint of Guinness occasionally. Tea curdles his blood. He spends his time playing video games; staring at screws on airplanes; threatening to kiss strange men in theaters; watching shark movies; listening to the Beatles; eating pizza lasagna; cruising Sock Tinder; and name-dropping Brendan Gleeson. Apparently Brendan is his brother’s best friend’s mother’s friend’s uncle’s proctologist's favorite Borg -- and he lives close by!

Gazman was personally responsible for the break-up of Oasis.

He once dumped a kitten in front of Arista’s house and then faked outrage when Arista shared the story on the SKMB.

As a teen, he had a starring role in the show “Cadillacs and Dinosaurs” as cadillac #4 cruising down the freeway of love with potholes.

Gazman is secretly Robbie Keane.

You can reach him at Gazman
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Dana Jean

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Apr 11, 2006
The High Seas
SKMB Publishing is pleased to share the reviews that are rolling out for "The Biggest Con!"

The realness of this story left me sweaty and dry all at the same time. It's a masterpiece for the ages -- The New Yorker

Brutal in its honesty, “The Biggest Con” reveals the sh*tty realism of Kon attendance.

-- The Guardian

"Wow! I really hope I get to play Mark Willington in the movie ! A role of a lifetime! "-- Steve G. Buscemi

"What the bleeding f**k WAS that?" -- The spirit of Hunter S. Thompson

"It took me right back to Sunday family dinners, all of us gathered around the dinner table eating jarred kid hearts, all hell breaking loose." -- Steephen Kong

Solid character development. Unbelievable twists, biting-to-the-bone plot. -- The Bay Times

Thrills, chills, action, dark humor, and gore, It's all in there! Settle in and buckle up for the ride of a lifetime!! ~ Phoebe Moon

You know that feeling, like everything is going just a little too well and you're walking around just waiting for some wild sh*t to go down? Then all of a sudden, BAM!!! Ah yes, there it is, The F**kening. -- The Wayward Sun

"Loved this! The guy who started this story can write! "-- F. Scott Fitzgerald

Move over Stephen King, there's a new kid in town! -- Bangor Daily News

"What the hell did I just read? "-- Carl Hiaason

A marvel of energy and inventiveness...Powerful. -- The Inquirer

"Dang, this shiit is almost as good as my dad's!" -- Jo Hill

"It's Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! "-- Mary Poppins

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Dana Jean

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Apr 11, 2006
The High Seas
As “The Biggest Con” hits the site, we asked the first set of writers,

“Why did you choose to write in this collaborative project?”

Edward John:

“I thought it would be a lot of fun, and I was right!”


“Ever since I joined the board (2013) I've wanted to be on the Halloween Story writing team - for the camaraderie more than anything else - but I always thought "I'll do it next year."
And now there is no next year here. I want to ride all the rides before the park closes.”


"It's just because I like thinking of those who read it."

Cast of characters in “The Biggest Con” during this first week, in no particular order:

Jordan -- Marsha -- GNTLGNT -- Sundrop -- Dana Jean -- Spideyman -- FlakeNoir -- Edward John -- Gazman -- Kurben -- niro -- Tery -- morgan -- VampireLily

tara MacFarlane -- Baby Blue --Nomik -- Mary Strickland -- Marty Coslaw -- Robert Gray -- Religiously_Unkind -- Connor B-- Debbie913 -- Blonde Bombshell

RichardX -- Grant87 -- Rrty -- Agincourt Concierge -- aussie12 -- Gerald -- ArielRacing -- chris2-4 -- recitador -- Deviancy -- Ebdim9th

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Dana Jean

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Apr 11, 2006
The High Seas
Promotional Tour Schedule for “The Biggest Con”

As demand for “The Biggest Con” grows, the following appearances are in the works.

More information to come!

The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon -- pending

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert -- pending

The View -- pending

The Doctors -- pending

Witch History Museum, Salem, Massachusetts-- pending

Graceland Wedding Chapel, Las Vegas, Nevada -- pending

Long Branch Saloon, Dodge City, Kansas -- pending

Jackie Chan Elementary Book Fair, Burnt Porcupine Island, Maine -- pending

Bombas Sock Factory (breakroom) New York City, New York-- pending

Kunuk After Dark (an Igloo videocast) Ungava Peninsula, Quebec, Canada -- October 16, 2019, 6:00 p.m. -- Very Serious Utube

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Dana Jean

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Apr 11, 2006
The High Seas
The Ottawa Daily Shopper

All the News that's sort of Fit to Print......Thursday October 17, 2019........Free

Eight Die In Ungava Melee

By Steephen Kong

CANADA -- Yesterday at 6:20 p.m. in the Ungava Peninsula, a public beating resulting in death occurred during the
Kunuk Videocast appearance of the SKMB authors of the latest New York Times bestselling web story, “The Biggest Con.”

Early in the interview, author and inquisitive archaeologist Mr. Kurben dug up videocast host Kunuk’s mother who was
buried near a ritual pot of burning whale blubber.

A crowd of three penguins, two seals, the remaining five villagers and the writing team gathered at the scene while Kunuk
and his brother, Hanta, savagely clobbered Mr. Kurben to death with their mother’s thigh bone.
Fellow co-writers were unable to break up the beat-down.

Managing to get a message out to emergency services by standing on the back of a baby polar bear for better reception,
Miss Sundrop also placed an order for a chai tea before the mother bear ripped her intestines out.

FlakeNoir tried to calm the scene down by offering a free copy of “The Biggest Con” to each and every household;
but the five villagers raped and pillaged “The Biggest Con.” She then ran to her death as a crevasse opened beneath her.

Edward John and niro threw themselves into the sea just as the quick-response Aquatic Air Ambulance landed on them.

First responders shot flares, one landing on Hollygolightly’s flammable shapewear creating a painful human torch,
burning her down to ash.

Praying for guidance, Tery died when an arctic fox threw a trident into her skull.

Dana Jean pissed herself and froze solid. She was the only person transported by air ambulance.
The Canadian Parks and Recreation Department placed her on display in a local Elks Lodge next to the stuffed walrus
and the crack spider’s bitch.

The carcasses that were recoverable were dressed out and will be used to sustain the villagers through the winter.
Kunuk tasted a chai tea for the first time.

The only survivor of the writing group, Gazman Gary, did so by claiming he was kidnapped
and forced into slavery by his fellow scribblers.
He is now married to Aqakuktuq and has three more children under the age of five.

Kunuk’s videocast is now a cooking show called In the Kitchen with Kunuk specializing in meat dishes.

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Dana Jean

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Apr 11, 2006
The High Seas
As “The Biggest Con” continues, we asked the second set of writers,

“What will you miss most about the Stephen King message board when it closes in 2020?”


“I'll miss the friendship/camaraderie the most. I walked through the Cantina door in 2008, pulled up a chair, and refused to leave.

I've met some of the most amazing people, shared in a lot of laughs, love, and hardships.”


“Where do I start? I will miss the people, my friends. I will miss all the SK, JH and Bev Vincent talk. I will miss all the different cultures and I know that a large part of my growth has happened here in these hallways and my future growth will look so different without this place.

I will miss feeling so loved and will be forever grateful for what I have received through being a member of this message board. Thank you. xox”


“Don’t know how to begin. I'll miss my friends and the interactions between us. The chat, witticisms, the good natured talk that exist in a place where friends meet friends.

I'll miss the little window into your lives that you generously opened. The discussions, the little things we do together, like the Halloween story; Secret Santa; Horror Movie Marathon; and other things. The sharing of ideas; opinions; warmth; compassion; and empathy in the ups and downs that are a life.”

Cast of characters in “The Biggest Con” during the second week, in no particular order:

Dana Jean -- Tery -- FlakeNoir -- Bev Vincent -- Jordan -- ghost19 -- Moderator -- morgan -- Out of Order -- CriticAndProud

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Dana Jean

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Apr 11, 2006
The High Seas
The Ottawa Daily Shopper

All the News that's Sort of Fit to Print.............October 23, 2019...............Free

By Steephen Kong​

CANADA -- Over the weekend, this reporter and The Ottawa Daily Shopper obtained a photograph of last weeks’ brutal Ungava Melee involving the authors of
“The Biggest Con.”

We here at the Shopper don’t know who the source is for this image, but it has been verified as coming from the wholesale slaughter on the peninsula.
It is our duty to report the truth to the world.

What you will see shows us an uncensored look at the reality of author appearances and the brutality of dealing with the public.

WARNING: This is a gruesome NSFW photo. Must be 18 to view.


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Dana Jean

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Apr 11, 2006
The High Seas
“The Biggest Con” is headed to Broadway and the big screen!

Elliott & Harper, winner of 4 Olivier Awards including Best Musical Revival, 2 Evening Standard Awards and
the Critics’ Circle Award for Best Musical will not be involved in bringing “The Biggest Con” to the Broadway stage.

Nor will Ron Howard, Steven Spielberg, Francis Ford Coppola, Quentin Tarantino, Christopher Nolan, Martin Scorsese or
Roman Polanski link themselves to the project for the film adaptation.

It has been bandied about that film director Rob Zombie has expressed interest in teaming up with Spike Lee and newcomer, Tom,
(hailing from the Whole Foods produce department in Fremont, California) in what would be an otherworldly collaboration!

Lin-Manuel Miranda is rumored to be in talks with remaining author Gazman Gary and the estates of the
deceased co-creators.
Lin wants the role of principle player, Jordan -- The Road Virus. While Mr. Miranda enjoys his part in Hamilton, he wants to branch out into the
vampire/demon genre because right now, those roles are “sizzlin’.” But his participation is hinging on whether Tony Shalhoub agrees to direct
the stage creation.

Kirstie Alley, Adele Dazeem, Mel Gibson, Pia Zadora and Shannon Tweed have all expressed interest in this
blockbuster short story waiting to take the world by storm on stage and screen!

Casting Call forthcoming. Bookmark the Playbill website for continuing information.

Answer the call! Come be a part of history!

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Dana Jean

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Apr 11, 2006
The High Seas
And finally, the last set of writers responded to this question,

"How has and the SKMB changed your life?"


“How did the SKMB change my life? Damn, how did it not? When I first joined in 2004 (I think?} the first person to welcome me was Flake, bless her. Then, when I was asked to be a Beta tester for the next MB platform, I got to know several MB members rather well. MB members may come and go but Flake, Dana Jean and Marsha have become part of my family. Along with a few other MB members, we have an "extra-Board" relationship.
Memories from the Ghost Brothers premiere in Atlanta are precious gifts that I received through this MB.
How has the SKMB changed my life? It opened my world, gave me friends and experiences which I would never have had without it. I'm beyond grateful.
Plus it's pretty cool to say that I "work" for Stephen King.”

Dana Jean:

“The SKMB came into my life when I was lonely and isolated. Here were all these creative, interesting, witty, challenging voices talking to me -- talking with me.
The message board was a lifeline. This place and you people have been with me in the foxhole on days when it was hard to get up and keep going. I will always appreciate your time spent with me -- us.
I’m a better person because of this community. I learned from each and every one of you.”

“Well it definitely made me spend more time at "work"

Seriously though, i had been coming to the Stephen King website for years and when I finally joined the board it was great to see such a diverse group of people all brought together by the same thing. I love that I'm a part of that group now and hope it'll continue in some form.”

Cast of characters in “The Biggest Con” during the last week of the last Halloween story -- in no particular order:

Dana Jean -- FlakeNoir -- Tery -- Out of Order -- GNTLGNT -- Spideyman -- MadamMack -- Dana -- TBlack -- Doc Creed -- Neesy -- cat in a bag -- Anni M -- Cola -- Edward John -- niro -- Sundrop -- HollyGolightly -- Gazman -- Kurben -- skimom2 -- fushingfeef -- Moderator -- osnafrank -- fljoe0 -- DiO'Bolic -- staropeace -- kingricefan -- pegasus216 -- swiftdog2.0 -- hossenpepper -- Ebdim9th -- MrsSmeej -- PatInTheHat -- mal -- Bev Vincent -- Jordan -- morgan -- Ceefor -- Gallina -- Alexandra M -- Scratch -- Grandpa -- king family fan -- Wayoftheredpanda -- wolfphoenix -- grin willard -- do1you9love? -- mjs9153 -- thekidd12 -- Notaro -- The Nameless -- doowopgirl -- CoriSCapnSkip -- ghost19 -- muskrat -- carrie's younger brother -- arista -- jacobtlong -- AnnaMarie -- kelliblue -- Lepplady -- Riot87 -- Leif -- prufrock21 -- Mr Nobody -- Drawn to Ka-tet -- SusanNorton -- SHEEMIEE -- Steffen -- Jojo87 -- Cowboy -- Charms7 -- Hill lover35 -- rudiroo -- Shoesalesman -- Terry B -- Jo Noonan -- Distance87 -- urrutiap -- -- César Hernández-Meraz -- Tiny -- Lily Sawyer -- GeorgieFan2003--notebookgirl -- HedlessChickn

Robin Furth
Glenn Chadbourne
Richard Chizmar
Stephen King

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Dana Jean

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Apr 11, 2006
The High Seas
Stephen King Kon, Dodge City, KS -- July 17th - 19th, 2020*
Cancelled due to Covid 19

Dodge City CVB, KS | Official Website
Learn everything you need to know about Dodge City, Kansas including entertainment, lodging, & more. Visit our site or give us a call for more information.

"In the midst of what is an incredible effort of prose and whimsy, I want to extend a sincere invitation to what will be the official and final
King Kon taking place in Dodge City, K.S., the weekend of July 17th-19th 2020.

As this story has been a gift of love and kinship, I hope my swan-song effort to bring the Tet together will be as worthy.
I have not set up anything formal as far as activity since small groups can form as they choose and enjoy lots of history, plenty of shopping, a distillery tour, possible paranormal hunt, Boothill Cemetery etc... There is a nearby casino for those so inclined.

Accommodations are as follows:"

· TownePlace Suites by Marriott

o 30 King Suites @ $79.00 + tax (will add additional rooms if needed)

o Meeting Room: holds 12 individuals and would be included in room block free of charge

o Evening space to gather would be the breakfast area and lobby. The property does have an outdoor area but dependant upon weather

· Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton

o Standard Queen: 20 rooms @ $120.00 + tax

o Studio King: 10 rooms @ $130.00 + tax

o Hospitality Room: 1 comp for hospitality to use as needed

· Comfort Suites

o $105.00 per room + tax

o Use of meeting room for no additional charge (holds approximately 40)

· Holiday Inn & Suites

o Singles: $109 + tax

o Double: $119 + tax

· Best Western Plus Country Inn & Suites

o 1 or 2 beds per room: 30 rooms @ $109 + tax

o Complimentary meeting room with 20 room nights per day

o Will comp 1 room per 20 per night

"I've already taken the liberty of telling my contact that the Marriott property will be the "official" King site because it offers the most bang for the buck -- but if you choose to book elsewhere, that is entirely up to you.

As I have said several times, no, there isn't anything King specific here as there has been at other Kons. I chose this site due to mid-US locale so as to make it simpler for anyone from either coast to attend and it will have a "Gunslinger" vibe.

My soul-deep hope is that as many gather as possible so that the bonds of brother and sisterhood begun here can be cemented face to face, arm in arm and heart to heart.

I'm no professional organizer, but what I have is an abundance of love for everyone here, and I want to bring at least a sliver of the joy to you that you have surrounded me with, lo these many years...."


*If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to Scott at GNTLGNT through private message or post in this thread.

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Original Kiwi© SKMB®
Apr 11, 2006
New Zealand
and last and most important...

On behalf of this year’s writing and support team, I would just like to take a little moment to thank the people that have made the 2019 Halloween Story possible.

First, a huge thank you to Stephen King for providing this website and message board for fans and scholars to gather. In doing so, you have created (a monster :biggrin2: ) an environment whereby people from all walks of life have come together to learn, share and grow.

Very special thanks go to our Moderator. Marsha, you have given this message board its heart, you have turned this place into a community. SK drew us here with his many works, but we continue to stay because of you. ♥

Many thanks go to our Webmaster Jordan for all things technical; we turn to you day and night if things go wrong and like a Halloween phantom :bat: you invariably appear, with a fix!

A very big thank you to my fellow writers: Edward John, HollyGolightly, niro, Sundrop, Kurben, Tery, Dana Jean and Gazman. Also for their supporting roles: Spideyman and GNTLGNT.
Writers, you have all been incredibly inspirational and have supported one-another wonderfully; and in doing so have together created a story that just somehow feels very right, this is of course the last SKMB Halloween Story to ever be written.

Big thanks also to Dana Jean and Spideyman for ensuring that we’ve kept to a good time-table which has helped the story process to flow smoothly.

I would like to express very special thanks to Dana Jean for creating the informative and hilarious “BLATANTLY FAUX NEWSBOT” thread, she has worked tirelessly on this and it has been such fun to read each new segment.

Thanks must now go out to all of you, our MB Members… thank you so much for being part of this fabulously caring community, for reading our stories and for making this place so great! You may never know how truly treasured you are.

One more thing, over the years we’ve had all kinds of stories, the very first one was a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of thing, (before we had even moved to a threaded MB) each writer had 2 hours to write and approximately 150 words available to them, madness you say? :biggrin2:
The collaborations have evolved since then, some years the stories were whimsical light-hearted little beings, other years a more serious tone and structured prose were adopted.
This year the story has taken on a life of its own, it soon became apparent during writing--that it was a SKMB story; essentially it was about us, our community, our people.
Once we began to write-in MB members as characters, we became terribly afraid that people would be accidentally left out and feelings could be hurt, which was something we’ve tried very hard to avoid.
A few writers have had to go back to their (previously written) parts to add in further members as more and more people were added to our community list.
Consequently, it may have put a writer or two in the position of having to insert large groups of people into scenes, when in a much less character-rich story, their words may have had a very different kind of flow.
So please bear with us, as we felt it important to honour everyone if we possibly could.
We do understand that it’s likely we have still left some of our members out and if so, please accept our heart-felt apology; it was never our intention to do so.

In closing, we hope that you've had as much fun reading our little story as we’ve had in writing it.

For one final time: “Happy Halloween SKMB”.

--- Flakes.
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